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Niall Horan and Daisy Seiler.
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4. Another Awkward Situation

Daisy POV:


"Get out boys and stop ogling at the poor girl." Eleanor finally speaks up and shoves them out of the door.


"sorr-eee" She mumbles.

"Sorry its just five adorably sexy boys saw me almost naked and how did i even get like this?"

I begin to get scared.

"She called us sexy!"
"And ADORABLE" Voices squeal behind the door. I roll my eyes and turn my vision back to El who chucks a pair of skinny jeans and a tank top at me. 

"You got like this because a kind little boy helped you get undressed last night." She smirks  and walks out. 

Wait… Hold da fuq up.



Nialls POV:

Aww she called us sexy and adorable. 

Suddenly Eleanor comes out of the room and shoots us a warning glare. 

"I told her one of you undressed her." Louis stifled a laugh and wrapped his arm around El's waist, dragging her toward their bedroom. They'll be in there a long time then. I turn to the others and they are already staring at me.

"What?" I say.

"You undressed her Niall?" I shook my head but everyone knows when I'm lying.

"FINE yes i did. Only because she asked me to I SWEAR." Its true. I wouldn't undress someone for no good reason. 

I had carried her to the car and all the way home after she passed out at some dudes party. El told me to take her to the spare room and make sure she was safe. I carried her up there and laid her on the bed. She sat up and her eyes flickered open a slit.

"Undress me ple…" She trailed of and slipped back into subconsciousness. I pondered for a minute but then decided i would because she asked me to. I slid off her heels and slipped her flimsy top over her head. She was wearing a tank top underneath so i left it like that. I slid her skirt off to reveal tiny shorts. Thats fine then i thought and was about to leave when she grabbed my arm loosely. 

"Im still not comfy. Take it alll off." She whispered.

I sighed and walked back over to the bottom of the bed. I cautiously slipped the shorts off and left her in her creamy white underwear, respectable enough. I uneasily slid her tank top off and nearly choked on air. Her body was amazing and god those ladies part where just….

Her bra was strapless and cream with frills on it. I don't want to sound like a rapist or anything but just damn she's fine.

I obviously blushed because the boys high fived me.

"NO! I didn't do anything i just make sure she was comfy like she asked me." They all laughed and got up off the floor. 

"Were going out to La Senzara wanna come with."

"Nope." I popped the 'p' and sat my ground. Liam shrugged and walked off with Zayn and Harry. As  they walked downstairs the door in front of me burst open causing me to jump onto my feet in fright. She stood in front of me glaring a hot red stare. 





Daisys POV:


My face turned bright red as i realized Niall had undressed me last night. As soon as i heard the others leave i banged the door open and saw a started blonde haired boy holding a hand to his chest. I almost laughed but bit my tounge.

"HOW DARE YOU." I raged. He stepped back and bit his lip.

"I-i didn't mean it you see…" He stuttered pathetically.

"You undressed me! You saw me in my UNDERWEAR." I screamed in his face.

He whimpered softly and my expression softened immediately.

"Sorry" He cowered away from me. I sighed and threw myself onto the floor. He gasped and ran over to my side, his expression horrified. I laughed and he instantly relaxed. Weird.

"So, tell me about yourself." He smiled and leant against the wall opposite me. I smiled at his adorable accent and started talking.



Well this is nice...













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