I wish

Niall Horan and Daisy Seiler.
Or more?


7. A change in the weather.





Nialls POV


"Niall Horan i love you." 

My heart stopped. I literally froze where i was, watching cold tears run down her face.

"Im sorry." She choked out. She stood up and ran to the bathroom door. Before she went in she turned around,

"and Niall, lets forget this ever happened." I blinked away the invisible tears that where painfully stinging my eyes like acid. I stood up weakly and went into my room. She's right we should just forget, it didn't mean anything. This had all happened to quickly and i wasn't really looking for a girlfriend now anyway so. I could hear her sniveling next door in the bathroom and there was the occasional choking on tears, before i realized my whole pillow was soaking wet with my tears. I could feel her pain, her emotion. 

I cried myself to sleep that night.


Daisy POV:


Whats wrong with me? 

I don't love Niall, i was just covering up my past, my father. Abuse is the word.

Hes crying next door in his room i can hear him sobbing quietly. Ive hurt someone that could care about me and thats something i vowed never to do. 

My face is all red and puffy, i wiped the remainders of my mascara off and traipsed back to bed, i woke up literally four hours ago - yes i was crying for two hours- and no I'm tired. I rubbed my cold feet together, stroked my messy hair and slowly went to sleep.


I woke up a few hours later and there was banging and thumping downstairs. I race into El and Louis room but they are both asleep. Phew. I stopped outside Nialls door and heard his soft snores and a few light whimpers. I mentally kicked myself in the ass for hurting him. Zayn and Harry were probably still out so i tiptoed down the carpeted stairway and leant over the banister. The kitchen door was slightly ajar and a streak of light was poking out. Zayn and Perrie were asleep in the sitting room, all cuddled up like baby puppies. I cautiously grabbed a magazine off the sideboard and rolled it up tightly. Slowly i inched open the door and saw someone sitting at the table with a glass of beer. I gagged at the smell of alcohol but kept moving towards them, my hand poised for a whack round the head. Suddenly the person turned around.


Oh god, thank the god.

He laughed when he saw my 'weapon' and took it out of my hands. 

"What you doin up soooo lateee." He slurred, yep dangerously drunk. 

"Harry go to bed." I said sternly. He giggled and shook his hair. 

"DO IT." I demanded getting slightly angry. He smirked cheekily.

"The only thing i'd like to do is youuuu babyyyy." He stumbled over to me and started sloppily kissing my neck. I sighed and pushed him away but he didn't give up, he picked my up over his shoulder and carried me into his room, i tried screaming but he covered my mouth. He stripped to his underpants and wandered over to me, tied to the bed. 

"Why hello sexyyy." He murmured into my ear. I gagged into the cloth tied around my mouth firmly. He started undressing me slowly and finally i was in my underwear. He started fingering me and a tear poured down my tired face, this is happening too much. 


After ten long minutes of touching me in despicable places. I stopped wiggling around and stayed still. After a few seconds he froze.

"Daiiisy?" He slurred into my ear, i mentally wretched in my head at the stink of alcohol. He moved away and sat on the bed. 

"Ok." He said and removed the gag for a minute.

"HELP HELP HELP NIAAAALLL." I screamed as soon as he took it away. His eyes widened and he started getting dressed again while i lay half naked on a strangers bed with burning hickeys on my neck. There was a loud crash and some stumbling down the hall.

"NIALL." I screamed. Harrys face was priceless but i didn't laugh. A bang on the door made Harry jump, a look of fear flashed over his eyes.

"Let me in your rapist." Niall growled sleepily. I chuckled quietly at his choice of words. Harry stayed silent rocking back and forth in the corner. An almighty crash brought the wooden door down, smashing a lamp in the process. I suddenly felt very ashamed and i wanted to curl up and cry. Niall ran over to me and untied my hands and feet.

"Where the fuck is he." He grumbled. I pointed to a sleeping Harry and he sighed.

"I'll deal with him tomorrow." He sighed. 

"G'night Niall." I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks"

He sighed and we both went our separate ways.

Back to my cold bed.










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