the styles twins

2 twins called Lola and Scarlett meet 2 other twins called Harry and Marcel they all meet at a nightclub and end up seeing eachother nearly everyday.They end up dating but will things turn out the way they thought it would?


4. The Styles twins

Lolas P.O.V

About an hour Later me and Scarlett were both standing at the bar when suddenly, the curly haired boy and he looked like his brothe came over.

"Hi" the curly haired one said to us.Me and Scarlett turned around to see the 2 really cute boys.

"ummm hi" I replied nervously

"Im Harry and this is my twin brother Marcel"

"Im Lola and this is my twin sister Scarlett"

"Nice to meet you can we get you a drink?"

"umm yeah ok" i was still really shocked that they had come over to talk to me and Scarlett this never usually happens to me.Harry and Marcel both got me and Scarlett a drink and we all stood there for ages talking.

"Whats the time Scarlett?" i asked her.

"nearly half 1"

"god we need to go!! i have to go to work tomorrow!!!"

"oh yeah me to!"

"im really sorry but me and Scarlett have got to go home"

"oh cant you stay just a bit longer" Marcel moaned,

"really sorry but we cant" i told Harry and Marcel

Harry came up with a brilliant idea."how about we meet up tomorrow after you have both finished work?"

"ok!" i replied excitedly

"Can i have your number please?"

"yeah sure" I wrote my number down on a bit of paper and gave it to Harry.Scarlett did the same but gave hers to Marcell.

"bye!" i shouted as we left the nightclub.

Me and Scarlett came out of the nightclub and couldnt find the car so we had to go looking for it.Im really looking forward to meeting Harry and Marcel tommorow after work. Its a shame i have work tho otherwise we could have met up alot eairler and gone somewhere for the day.I wonder what we are gonna do,we might be going to the cinema or something or maybe some type of theme park thats open untill really late at night.

When we found the car we both got inside and i reminded Scarlett to set up the satnav so we didnt get lost again.Scarlett set up the satnav and we drove home.Luckly, there was no traffic at all which surprised me because it was early hours in the morning and it was a saturday night.

When we got home i was really tired and i really could not be bothered to go and have a shower i would just have one before i went to work in a couple hours.I put my pjs on and put my hair up into a messy bun,set the alarm on my phone and went to bed and Scarlett did the same.


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