the styles twins

2 twins called Lola and Scarlett meet 2 other twins called Harry and Marcel they all meet at a nightclub and end up seeing eachother nearly everyday.They end up dating but will things turn out the way they thought it would?


3. nightclub

Scarletts P.O.V

Finally we got to the nightclub there was a long que to get in there.There was 2 massive muscley men quarding the entrance.Lola and I got our tickets and went straight to the back of the que.

"We are gonna be standing here for ages!"i said

"well we would have gotten here faster if you had told me where we were going" she replied and gave me the fakest smile she could pull.Some people in the que had gone a bit OTT with what they were wearing and with there makeup. One girl had the shortest dress i have ever seen with pounds of makeup on she had bright pink eye shadow, huge false eyelashes(she must have been wearing at least five!) she also had bright red lipstick on and had so much blusher on her cheeks were bright pink! and she had soooooo much fake tan on she looked like a blimming ompa lompa!

Finally we got to the front of the que and me and Lola gave the 2 men our tickets and we went inside IT WAS SO AMAZING IN THERE! music was really loud lights were everywhere the bar was full of peole. It was better than what i had expected it to be!

Lolas P.O.V

When we walked in it was so cool! There was way more people tha i expected there to be but that didnt matter.

i walked over to the bar with Scarlett and I saw the most cutest boys i have ever seen in my whole life! They must have been brothers because they looked exactle alike apart from their hair.One had curly hair and the other one had straight hair and it was all jelled and quiffed up.

"omg those 2 boys are so cute!" i whispered to Scarlett.

"where! i cant see them! I pointed at them to show Scarett who i meant.

"ohhhhhh them! they are aswell! dibs the one with the quiff in his hair!" she said

"good because i wanted the cute curly haired one!"

I was really hopeing they would come over.Even if they did, they woudnt be interested in me! they woud only be interested in Scarlett! but i never know they could be interested in me but i very much dought it!

Maybe if we kept going near them we would catch their eye.I know it sounds really sluty and desperate but they were really cute and ive only ever had one other boyfriend when i was in my last year of school.I found out that he had been cheating on me, the entire relationship! I was so upset i was crying all day and all night i would never go outside and he was all i ever thought about.Since then i have been really lonely and i could really do with a boyfriend right now.Scarlett was also single so maybe... just maybe we could double date! When i went near them i tried to act natural but when i know something is going on i make it so obvious but i dont think i did this time...

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