the styles twins

2 twins called Lola and Scarlett meet 2 other twins called Harry and Marcel they all meet at a nightclub and end up seeing eachother nearly everyday.They end up dating but will things turn out the way they thought it would?


2. In the car

Scarletts P.O.V

Lola got quite moany when i took a long time to get ready because she is always worried we will be late.we wont tho.Beacuse Lola was rushing me I had to finish my hair and make up in the car. I had straightened my hair at home so i just clipped some parts of it back.I put my false eyelashes on and a bit of eye shadow to make my brown eyes stand out a bit more.

I was really bored in the car while Lola was driving so i decied to turn capital fm on and go on my phone for a bit.

"how long until we are there?" i asked Lola.

" I dont know i think we might be a bit lost" she replied nervously.

"oh for godsake Lola"

" its not my fault you never told me where the nightclub was!"

"thats because you never asked i thought you knew where you were going!"

" i did ask you but u were to busy texting just get the satnav(Americans call it a GPS) and hopefully it will take us there".

I typed in the nightclub and its location then, i stuck the satnav onto the windscreen and then it told us where to go.

Lolas P.O.V

At times Scarlett was the most annoying girl ever! how can she tell me we are going to a nightclub and not tell me where it is? I ignored her the rest of the way.Suddenly the petrol sign was going of and i had to pull over at a BP garage to get some more.Scarlett waited im the car.

I was starving because i hadnt had dinner or lunch so while i was paying for my petrol i got some food for me and Scarlett to share then went back into the car and drove of.



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