Don't Go

I knew it was time for him to go. I couldn't face it, letting him go back on tour again. It exhausted him, and meant we had less time together. "Harry" I whispered into his ear as we hugged for the last time "Yes princess?" Harry said back. "I love you" I muttered into his soft hair. "I love you too, Ashleigh"


3. Without him

*The next day*


I woke up and looked around my shared house with Harry. It looked so bare without him. I looked around the room, and where Harry usually slept. Eleanor stayed over last night. I quickly got changed into my skinnies and another one of Harry's mulberry shirts. I came downstairs to see Eleanor already awake and making us breakfast.


"How long till the boys land, you reckon?" Ellie asked me. "Maybe 10 or 11 hours?" I replied. "Hmm, don't you just miss them already?" Ellie muttered. As soon as I finished my breakfast me and Eleanor made plans to go shopping, and then come back for a film night. We both put on our makeup and left the house.



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