Don't Go

I knew it was time for him to go. I couldn't face it, letting him go back on tour again. It exhausted him, and meant we had less time together. "Harry" I whispered into his ear as we hugged for the last time "Yes princess?" Harry said back. "I love you" I muttered into his soft hair. "I love you too, Ashleigh"


2. Goodbye, my love

I couldn't believe it, gone already. When will I see him again? Thoughts ran through my brain, and I felt a pang of hatred for the Take Me Home tour. I felt myself missing him, a feeling I'm still having to get used to. Even though I get to see him in just a few days, it somehow feels like a million years.


Me and Eleanor are pretty close I guess. She's so lovely, and we've become great friends in nearly two years. She's someone you know that you can rely on! Perrie is lovely too, she just seems to distance herself whenever Eleanor or Danielle (Liam's now ex girlfriend) were around. Perrie is like my little sister, I just love her to bits!


Right then, my phone buzzed. "This new iPhone 5c is so quick" I thought to myself. Then, it popped up. A message from Harry "dear my princess, I miss you already. Promise I'll call you when I land? Love you, my beautiful girl xxxx" My heart thumped, I felt a rush of love for him. He is just so perfect!

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