We Prick You

"Duke’s what you’d call an older man. I’m what you’d call under-age, only he doesn’t know. He thinks I’m 17."

A cautionary tale about a young runaway and the evils of older men.


3. Facebook

“She went nuts,” I type. Who needs a ‘phone when you’ve got Facebook, eh?

    “Did you tell her where you were?” he types back.

    “No babe” I type. “ur secret safe wiv me.”

    “You still coming out tonight? Missing you.”

    He’s sweet. That’s what I like about older men. They know how to treat you, make you feel special. He could have anyone, but he wants me. Still, you can’t just let them have their way with you. Treat ‘em mean, you know? So I send him a smiley being sick.

    “Bring a bottle,” he types. “It’s a party.”

    I send him a winking smiley, then scroll through my chat icons ’til I find Charlie. She isn’t online, but I send her a message anyway. It’s the principle, right?

    “Fuck u, u ugly twat. Tyler shags behind ur back all the time. Ask Nikki. And Stacey. And Danielle. They all got the clap off him. Hope u get it 2. Stay out ov the west end, bitch.”

    That should do it.

    Now then, what’s mum been hiding in her drinks cabinet?

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