Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


24. The Last Day of Seventh Grade - The First few Weeks of Eighth Grade

Now that it is finally the last day of school, I just want to get out of this dungeon. All I want to do right now is go home, sleep, eat, then relax. Now I am as eager as ever just to hear that last bell.

In Home Ec., my last class, we had a cookie party, with marshmallows! I practically ate all of them, since nobody else was eating them, while waiting for the bell to ring.

What made me feel fat though was the teacher gave me the whole bag of marshmallows since I was the only one eating them. Well, at least I got them.

Finally, it rang. I was probably the first one out of that classroom. And, probably the only one running out of the gates. As I made my way over to my mom's car, I knew I was free from worry for 3 more months.




Now that it is summer, I am extremely happy. On the first day of summer vacation, Me, my mom, sister, and two of my sister's friends went to Six Flags together and had the best time.

The rest of the summer, we went to the waterpark here and there, and Six Flags a few more times. Other than that, I didn't do much else.

The only other thing I did was look at pictures on Instagram of Lily, Brittany, and Alexis at Great America together. They look so happy together. They still haven't thanked me for that friendship yet...




Now, it's the Friday before the first day of eighth grade, and I get my schedule today. I am really nervous, because I don't want Alexis or Brittany in any of my classes this year. Last year, I felt a really awkward tension between Alexis and I in P.E., and I don't want that again.

Brittany isn't that bad, its just that she broke my heart and didn't even realize it. I hope she knows what she did, because she deserves to feel awful for doing that.




Now, it is the first day of school and I am going to hate my first teacher. I have heard really bad things about her. Also, I have seen her before, and that teacher isn't the nicest person.

Throughout the day, I felt better and better. Brittany has only been in two of my classes, but she hasn't brought up Alexis. At least lunch was good, because I knew a lot of people that had my lunch. Danae, Katrina, Kayla, and a lot of my other friends were with me through lunch, but so far no Alexis, which was a good thing.

At P.E., there was still no Alexis! I also had P.E. with Katrina, and my sister's best friend! I can't wait to make my sister jealous...

The last period was another class that I had with Brittany. Why do teachers have to be so organized and put the seating charts in alphabetical order? Brittany sits right next to me.




The next few weeks were great! I got to be better friends with another girl named Brooke. I feel like she is my best friend already. We agree on almost everything, and she has a problem with Alexis as well. It's almost as if we are the same person.

Anyways, one day, Brooke thought that Alexis had braces. I told her that Alexis didn't, but she wanted to ask the rest of our group, which really wasn't necessary because I knew that she didn't have braces.

"Hey guys, does Alexis have braces?" Brooke asked.

"No, oh my gosh she is sooo pretty." "I want to be her so bad." "She is amazing." Are the only answers we got from them. Brooke and I looked at each other with confused faces and said, "They don't know what they are talking about."


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