Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


3. She Meets Lily

It turns out this girl's name is Alexis. After Brittany and I meet Alexis, we invited her to go bike riding outside my house, like we always did. When Alexis came over, she was a bit shy, but Brittany and I tried to get her to talk.

That night, Alexis would always be over at my house. My parents found it really annoying, but I just found it as another friend to have.

Brittany and I told Alexis all about Lily. Alexis just couldn't wait to meet her, and I couldn't wait for us all to be friends, because I was actually starting to like this girl. Since my birthday party was in a few weeks, we decided that was when Alexis and Lily would meet.

When we told Lily about Alexis, she was more excited than all of us. We all couldn't wait for my birthday party, mostly because everyone there would meet Alexis. Even though it was the summer going into fourth grade, Alexis said she would go to our school in sixth grade. She would still be going to her old school a few hours away from here, but that's just what would happen.

*At my Birthday Party*

Alexis and Brittany were starting to become better friends now. It was awesome, because now we could all hang out together without it being awkward. Alexis was at Brittany's house, and I was begging them to come to the party early, but they wouldn't. At least those girls were the ones to arrive at my house first.

When Lily came, we instantly made her say hi to Lexi, which was Alexis' nickname. We hung out all night, but I still payed attention to my other guests.

We were going bowling that night. It was cosmic bowling, which was really fun. Cosmic bowling is night bowling, and they even had a DJ at the bowling alley. The best part was that you could request music for the DJ to play!

Lily and Lexi were instantly becoming best friends. They were always requesting Justin Bieber songs at the bowling alley, especially 'One Time'. That was his number one song back then. I could tell that Lexi was going to fit right in. Boy was I wrong, but what did I know when I was nine?


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