Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


19. Reason 2: Video Games

I don't think you saw this one coming. Yes, another reason the girls left me was because I was kind of addicted to this one video game and I would always be playing it, because it was really addicting.

Now, my advice to you, which I found a few years after I got addicted to this game was, 'Don't play it if you don't have the time to get addicted to it.' Dang, I wish I found that advice sooner.

Now, you probably want me to tell you the game so that you won't become addicted to it. You ready for this?

The Sims 2/3

Did any of you guys see that one coming? Probably. Why? Because it is the most addicting game on earth.

*the least-horrible flashback I have for this topic(summer going into sixth grade)*

One morning, about 10:00 am, Lily and Brittany come knocking on my front door. Guess what I was doing? Playing the Sims 2.

They practically had to peel my eyes off of the computer by saying that they were going outside and wanted me to come with them. Seriously? Why would they lie to me? I was doing something important...

So, I finally took a shower, got dressed, and met them outside.

*end of flashback*

Now, one more flashback. This one is HORRIBLE! But still worth reading.

*the most-horrible flashback I have for this topic(summer going into seventh grade)*

The weather was nice out, but really hot! It was Lily, Brittany, Alexis(why must they torture me?), and I outside. Don't ask why I was with them, but they begged me. We were all in short shorts, talking to the boys that lived down the street from us. There was  one which I know because he is my sister's best friend's brother, and it was just really awkward.

Anyways, Lily and Brittany went to go talk to them while I had to stay with Alexis on Lily's front porch. She didn't want to go out there because she said he forced her to make out with him(and I knew she was lying) and she didn't want it to be awkward because she rejected him. How I knew she was lying, she told us not to tell anyone.

Anyways, since we were sitting there alone with nothing to do, I told Alexis that I was bored. Guess what her response was? She rudely replied, "Well go play your Sims, I don't care." I was so mad, but who wants to start drama with her? So I just left.

*end of flashback*

Well, it was kind of my fault for that one. But how would I know that The Sims 2/3 was so addicting? It was actually kind of my dad's fault because he showed me the game!


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