Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


12. Fourth of July


Nothing else really happened within that time span. Alexis said sorry to Lily and I about the rumor thing. The weird part about that was, Alexis said that she didn't know why she did that. But there is always a reason for something.

Anyways, it's the Fourth of July right now. Every Fourth of July, the highschool here in Chicago has a firework show. My family sees it every year, and this year, we couldn't go. Brittany and Alexis were going together though, until Alexis messed it up for them.

*Flashback from what Brittany told me*

Apparently, Alexis was being so pushy that she wanted Ana, Brittany's mom, to take them to the firework show later that night.

"Go ask your mom about it." Alexis whined.

"But she already said yes." Brittany stated.

"Well just make sure that's what she said." Alexis complained.

"Fine." Brittany said.

When she came back, Alexis begged to hear what Ana had to say.

"She said yes, but if we keep asking her, then we can't go." Brittany warned.

"Got it." Alexis said.

A few minutes later, Alexis asked Brittany to ask Ana again.

When she asked, Ana said, " No! You keep asking me and I said yes before, but now we can't go!" She yelled at Brittany.

When Brittany went to tell Alexis the news, Alexis' mood just changed, then she went home.

*End of Flashback that Brittany Told me About*

Ha, that reminds me of when Alexis begged my mom if we could get Starbucks, then my mom just kept saying no. My mom said that if I keep asking her, then I would be grounded. Alexis asked me to ask my mom again after that, even when I told her that I would get grounded. I asked my mom and got grounded, then Alexis had to go home... I'm thinking that either nothing sinks into her brain correctly, or she hates us. Second one most likely.

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