Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


8. Brittany's Surprise

A few months later, we already knew the explanation. It really did make sense, but why? You may be wondering what the explanation is, and I will tell you. But the thing was, Alexis just thought that explanation would make us friends again, heck to the no!

I had to get the explanation from Brittany because I wasn't allowed to talk to Alexis. This girl said that she wasn't allowed to have a sleepover with me because her dad actually said no because of her stomach aches. But to go and ask the same question to Brittany the same day? Who does she think she is?

Anyways, it's still a few months later, and I got a call from Brittany. She said she had a surprise for me. In the back of my head, I knew what her surprise was, and I didn't like it. I just wanted to see if I was wrong.

"Did you get a cat?" I asked excitedly, even though I knew it was different.

"No, just get over here!" She said.


 When I arrived at Brittany's house, I saw my best friend in the window, and when I walked in front of the door, she opened it for me.

Now, I definitely knew what the surprise was. My mom wasn't going to be happy, because before I left, she said, "If it's Alexis, then I am never talking to Brittany ever again!" Yes, you guessed it, Alexis was out here.

I walked home, snickering. How could she think that I was going to be friends with Alexis again? The only thing that happened out there was awkward silence. And when I got home, my mom wasn't too happy either.

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