Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


16. Boys

I am still really good friends with Lily and Brittany, but I wouldn't say we are best friends anymore. I do know that we will drift apart some more later on, but I'm just hoping that it won't be that way, even though I know that our friendship has already been ruined.

Anyways, to the main point. Now that we are in middle school, Brittany and Alexis are all caught up in drama with boys. There are on and off relationships, but so far, Alexis hasn't been in any, which is very surprising to me. Why would guys not like Alexis when everyone is talking about how "pretty" she is?

Lily is also in a relationship with a guy in one of Brittany's classes. It's kind of stupid, actually. I hear Brittany say that she is going out with her boyfriend because she felt bad for him. Well, that's not how relationships work.

Yeah, atleast I haven't been in any boy drama yet, because I've never had a boyfriend, and probably never will. If this is how my life works, I'll just think of Brittany to feel better. Going out with guys because she feels sorry for them. Is anybody in this world smart?

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