Ruined my life

Alexis, the girl that everyone loves- except for me. How did she find her way into my life and ruin it? This is the real story, and I'm telling it all from my memory.


11. Alexis is lying to us again

Later on in the summer, Brittany, Lily, and I were swimming at Alexis' house. Atleast my sister wasn't there with us, because she just makes a big deal out of everything, as well as separating me from my "friends."

Everyone was in different places around the pool. I was mostly in the deep end, because I had just learned to swim, so I liked it there. The rest of the people were in the shallow end doing God knows what.

I felt a really awkward tension go through the air as I made my way over to them. That's when Alexis came up to me and said that Lily was starting rumors about me. What the heck? Why would she ever do that?

I went up to Lily and we both asked the same question to one another.

"Why would she say that to us?" We both asked eachother.

"I don't believe her Sam, I know you would never do that to me." Lily said to me.

"Yeah. I told you she's a liar." I said.

We both told Brittany everything, and she said to just not talk about it. But why would Alexis want us to think that we were starting rumors about eachother? Would she want to break up the friendship that Lily and I have? So that she could start a new one?

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