Paige is an average 17 year old day she gets saved by someone she kind of knew but never really talked to.What will happen between them?read to find out (one direction not famous)


3. Texting In Class

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, i yawned and got up i then had some breakfast and got ready. I looked at my schedule when i realized i have volleyball practise this morning. I ran to my room and completely changed what i was wearing and put on shorts and a t-shirt.i quickly packed all my stuff and ran out the door to my car. I put my bags in the back and got in the car. I put the keys in the ignition and started my car and drove off. After 5 minutes i was at school.i parked my car and ran inside.everyone was working on there serving so i put on my knee pads and started serving. Then we played a game and volleyball was over.then i ran to my first class history. I changed out of my volleyball stuff then went to my locker.i put my gym clothes in and took my books out and walked into history. I sat down in my seat with louis behind me. The teacher mr. Ranseed then came in and we started. "Now this should have been somthing you learned in grade 8 or 9"he said"what year did world war 2 start at"lots of people raised there hand, i did to."louis"Mr.ranseed said."its um umm"mr. Ranseed cut him off" mr.Tomlinson if you don't know the answer to the question then please keep your hand down"he said walking away.then my phone began to vibrate i looked at it. it said.'in my defence i was trying'-louis,i smiled,'ya i know'-Paige.'wanna hang out after school today'-louis.but that time the whole class went silent so everyone could hear the vibration of my iPhone. "Ms.Alise do you have somthing to share with the class" he said to me."no"i said kinda scared."give me that"he said putting out his hand.i passed him my iPhone."oh wanna hang out today from louis"he said looking at louis."ooo"the class said at the same time."C-R-U-S-H, louis's got a crush on Paige"Jenna shouted.the class laughed."louis hand it over" mr.ranseed said putting his hand out louis sighed and took his phone out of his pocket and handed it to the teacher. "Louis you do know that your not smart right"Mr. Ranseed said."hey thats rude"i said."ya ya now next question"he said."not until you you apologize"i said getting up."ms. Alise sit down"he said."not until you apologize"i said crossing my arms."sit down!"he yelled at me."hey don't yell at her"louis said."stay out of this mr.Tomlinson."just call me louis please"he said getting annoyed."thats it principals office both of you."he said."fine"louis said getting up. We both walked out the door."thanks for defending me"he said to me."no problem same to you"i said back."by the way sure"i said."sure what"he asked."sure lets hang out today."ok meet up at the tree" he said. We walked to the principals office."now i hear you two were texting in class. "Yeah"i said."and you were being very rude to mr ranseed"he said."he said i wasn't smart in front of the whole class"louis defended."Paige your a strait A student with a perfect attendance and a clean record what has gotten into you"he said."I um"i said stuttering."never mind, both of you saturday 4pm sharp"he said."ok"we both said at the same time. We then went back to class after school i went outside and waited by the tree.

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