Paige is an average 17 year old day she gets saved by someone she kind of knew but never really talked to.What will happen between them?read to find out (one direction not famous)


4. Hangout

I was standing by the tree waiting for louis i was texting my friends, Erin ,Mallory , Cassie and Jessie. now before you think how did she magically get her phone back, I'm texting on my iPod,i got an iPhone last summer and kept my iPod, so right now I'm just using the schools wifi. "Hi"louis said sneaking up behind me i got startled."you scared me"i said.oh sorry"he said."its fine"i said."so you wanna hang out"he said."well that's what I texted you"i we started to walk along the pathway

."so mr.ranseed is an idiot right"he said."ya i mean your totally smart"i said."no im really not"he said."yes you are"i said."really cause i don't think a smart person would fail History"he said."louis what are you gonna do"i said sad and in shock at the same time."try again next year i guess"he said shrugging."louis you already look to old for your age how is it gonna look when someone who is supposed to be in university is in 12th grade"i said."same as it did this year i failed last year to, next year will be my third year with mr.ranseed"he said."wait so your 20"i asked."yup"he said."wow" i said."ya well"he said."so where do you want to go"he said."Creme"i said."oh the fro-yo shop"he said."alright,well i walked here"he said."perfect i drove so lets go"i said


At Creme

When we got to creme we both grabbed a cup i got large cause you can fit more toppings.i pulled down one of the levers and when i tried to pull it up it was stuck.the frozen yougert then started to fall all over my hands."uh louis a little help here"i said.he then looked at me and ran over, he tried to pull the lever up but it wasnt working."go get cups"i shouted.he then grabbed as many cups as he could.he ran back and one by one they were all filled up.then out of no where he put his mouth under the machine.i laughed and joined him.after a while we couldn't take it anymore we both lifted our heads up,the frozen yougert was still pouring on us though. it then stopped and we looked at the mess we had made."um excuse me your gunna have to pay for that"a lady said."of course"i said in a way that was signalling that it was stupid we had to pay for that. Me and louis ate as much as we both could then we went to pay and we left."where do you want to go next"he said."home"i said."i need to clean off all this yogurt"i said."oh come on live a little, why don't you"he said."fine what have you got in mind"i said."oh lets go to the water park"he said."no, next"i said."uh go to the movies"he said."sounds to much like a date, next"i said."what you to scared to date the guy who failed history twice mrs.A student."he said"ha I'm not scared of anything"i said."fine then were going to the movies and if anyone asks im telling them it was a date, what do you think about that"he said smiling."fine but I'm picking the movie"i said.


At the theatre

We were sitting in the movie theatre watching catching fire.were both still sticky from all thd melted yougert that fell on us but we didn't care anyway back to catching fire, i am loving it so far.its just so amazing.when it ended. We got up from our seats and walked out of the theatre "what did you think"he asked."it was so good i absolutely loved it"i said kind of overly excited."what did you think"i said."well it was ight"he said(A.N.:if you didn't already know 'ight' is a short form of alright)"did you just say ight?"i said in shock i mean it was great."how can you say that it was amazing"i said."it needed more mph(A\N:not miles per hour it's pernounced Umf.just means like better)."ok so English is the subject you passed"i asked,he laughed.we then walked to my car and left. I drove and stopped in front of his house."this was actually really fun"i said."what did i tell you"he said."i laughed.he then walked out of the car and closed the door.i think were moving a tad fast or is that a good pace to be going at,i wouldn't know,but what i do know is that i just officially met him yesterday so it seems fast to me i shrugged.i started my car and drove home i went inside."where have you been"my mother asked as i walked in.i couldn't tell her i was on a 'date'. You see shes one of those crazy moms, she would literally look him up in the yearbook see he's been in grade 12 twice and freak out.i know cray cray right so i have to lie. Like Louis said live a little."i had art club."i said"oh alright"she said."tell me next time ok"she said."k"i said.i then walked upstairs to my room and played on my phone.

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