Not Just A Friend (5SOS/Ashton Irwin)

Maybe, getting into this was a bad idea. Maybe I`ve gone too far. I love him yes, but is it worth it? He`s great but will it work out in the end? Does he love me back the way I love him? I keep asking myself these questions. Why though? It`s not like he`s gonna me THE one. He is great, yeah but I need to ask myself one thing:
Does he love me the way I love him?
If he doesn`t then I`m going to screw this friendship up for sure. I don`t want to do that, but what happens happens right? I took a deep breath as his car door shut and stepped in Ashton Irwin, my best friend, the crush I have to tell that I love him.


3. Chapter 3

I woke up, with the goof I call my best friend, who is also called Ashton next to me. No not next to me, on top of me! What makes it worse is tickling me, he was tickling me! 
"ASHTON! STOP!"I yelled, thrashing around. his 'giggle' echoed through my ears. Oh how I do love him. "SERIOUSLY!"I laughed, not being able to control myself. 
"Say 'Ashton is the sexiest man in the world and he`s awesome!'"Ashton ordered.
"Never!"I teased, Ashton kept tickling me. "ASHON IS THE SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD AND HE`S AWESOME!"I yelled, hoping he would stop.
"Course I am!"Ashton flopped next to me, as I tried to catch my breath.
"Asshole"I mumbled.
"Love you too"He laughed.
"Yeah, yeah"

Ashton had left later that day, leaving me alone, and I was trying to decipher my feeling for him. I knew I loved him, but in what way? I don`t even know. If I love him in a friendly way, then that`s that. But I feel like I love him, like I`m in love with him. And that might do something to our friendship. I guess, I should tell him though. Not now, later. No, no! I have to tell him now. NO I CAN`T! Oh my god! Tomorrow! I`ll tell him tomorrow. 
"HEY YO! I`M BACK! ASHTON IN DA HOUSE!"Ashton`s firmiliar voice rang through my house, as I sat in my backyard, knees up at my chest as I hugged them close. I was just staring at the ground, thinking. I had no idea what to do. "Where`s your sister?"
"In the back I believe. Go on, mate"Hunter chuckled. The back door slid open and closed before his body heat was felt next to me. 
"Hey. Whatcha thinking about?"Ashton asked.
"How do you know I`m thinking about something, Ash"I teased, smiling.
"You only come out here, now, to think about something you are having issues with"Ashton knows me too well, damn. But him being my best friend I know that he does. "Oh! The boys are here too! Come on! They wanna see you!"Ashton picked me up off the ground. 
"ASHTON!"I screamed, pounding on his back, laughing. 
"OW!"He whined, setting me on top of Calum. "You hit hard!"Ashton pouted, as I slid off of Calum, who gave us looks. 
"He picked me up, so what? I do that to everyone who picks me up!"I stuck my tongue out at Ash. 
"You two are so strange"Michael jumped up and sat on me. I groaned, pushing him off. 
"Okay, come on!"I stood up giving the three boys hugs. I hadn`t seen them in months. "I missed you boys!"I said, laughing as we sat back down. 
"So tell us the gossip?"Michael joked. 
"What gossip? My life is so boring!"I simply said, shrugging. 
"As usual! Ashton tell us her gossip!"Calum put on a fake, very very fake girl voice, I couldn`t help but laugh. 
"Well..."Ashton started, "Her brother is home and she has us and that`s it! BORING LIFE!"Ashton laid on me. 
"Fuck you, get off of me!"I pushed him off. 

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