Not Just A Friend (5SOS/Ashton Irwin)

Maybe, getting into this was a bad idea. Maybe I`ve gone too far. I love him yes, but is it worth it? He`s great but will it work out in the end? Does he love me back the way I love him? I keep asking myself these questions. Why though? It`s not like he`s gonna me THE one. He is great, yeah but I need to ask myself one thing:
Does he love me the way I love him?
If he doesn`t then I`m going to screw this friendship up for sure. I don`t want to do that, but what happens happens right? I took a deep breath as his car door shut and stepped in Ashton Irwin, my best friend, the crush I have to tell that I love him.


2. Chapter 2

"Mum! I`m home!"I called through the house, slipping my shoes off and roaming the house, to the kitchen. Ashton stole my lunch, the fucker.
"Hey honey! Ashton`s family are coming over tonight, so don`t worry, we all know how they are. And Hunter is coming! He`s visiting for a month! Spend some time with your brother"Mom ordered, jokingly. 
"Uh, yeah don`t worry! Hunter is my favorite brother! But so is Daniel and Brenden."I giggled, as a figure came through the door and strode to me, hugging me tight. "HUNTER!"I squealed, giggling as I hugged him back. "Damn boy, gotten more hair?"I joked, stepping back from him.
"Missed you too, sis. Hey, where`s that Asher dude?"He raised his eyebrow.
"It`s Ashton and he`ll be here-"
"Hunter! Hey man!"Ashton came through the door.
"Now"I murmered, heading to my room. Letting them get to the brotherly things they do. I sighed, laying on my bed and staring at the ceiling.
"Hey, Ayianna, you okay?"Hunter asked, siting on my bed next to me.
"No, I`m not, I`ve got a secret, but you can`t tell anyone, especially Ashton"I started, then realized the door was open. I quickly got up and shut it, Ashton knows not to bug me if it`s closed. "Hunter, I- I like Ash. I dunno, it`s just that I`ve known him forever and yeah"I sighed, putting my head in my hands.
"Confront him about it, Ayia, you never know maybe he feels the same about you."Hunter suggested.
"Thanks Hunter, you always know what to say"I smiled at my older brother. "I`ll tell him when the time`s right, I guess"I more questioned, mostly to remind myself. "Let`s go, Ashton always wants to hang with me, so um, I`m supposed to spend time with you, come on!"I jumped up, grabbing his large and and dragging him out of my room.
"Whoa, calm down sis! I know you missed me but"Hunter chuckled under his breath. I giggled, jumping on Ashton`s lap, laying over him and Harry, his little brother. Harry looks like a mini Ashton! HE`S SO CUTE!
"Ayia!"Harry giggled, even the same laugh or giggle as I call it. 
"Harry!"I poked his nose.
"I missed you! Come to our house soon!"Harry whined, I laughed and nodded.
"I promise I`ll be there on Monday! Only two days Harry!"I suggested, sliding off of the both of them, staying in the middle of them. Lauren came over and sat on my lap, but she`s light. 
"WELCOME BACK HUNTER!"Harry yelled, jumping up and sitting on Hunter.
"Harry, last time I saw you, you were this tall!"Hunter put his hand about half way of Harry, then again Hunter left when I was 15, I`m 19 now. "How you`ve grown in four years!"Hunter joked, tossing his hair around. Harry smiled, his dimples appearing, I hadn`t realized I was deep I was deep in thought until, Ashton kissed my cheek randomly. 
"The hell?"I questioned, looked at him like he was crazy.
"I was trying to get your attention you goof!"
"Swag. Yuck I said swag"I giggled, mocking one of his keeks.
"I don`t like how I sound when I say swag okay?"He laughed, his dimples now appearing as he did.

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