Not Just A Friend (5SOS/Ashton Irwin)

Maybe, getting into this was a bad idea. Maybe I`ve gone too far. I love him yes, but is it worth it? He`s great but will it work out in the end? Does he love me back the way I love him? I keep asking myself these questions. Why though? It`s not like he`s gonna me THE one. He is great, yeah but I need to ask myself one thing:
Does he love me the way I love him?
If he doesn`t then I`m going to screw this friendship up for sure. I don`t want to do that, but what happens happens right? I took a deep breath as his car door shut and stepped in Ashton Irwin, my best friend, the crush I have to tell that I love him.


1. Chapter 1

"Come on, you know you love me!"Ashton whined, smiling like a kid, as we strolled through the park we used to play at when we were little.

Ashton and I have been friends since we were newborns, so to speak. We were both not toddlers but still not newborns I guess, so we were just babies. I can tell you now, that I have had a crush on Ashton since about Freshman yeah, we have graduated now, and I`m in love with him, but I can`t tell him. I really just want to have him as long as I can.

"You know I really don`t sometimes"I teased, stepping sideways as he went to tickle me. "No!"I giggled.
"Yes, come here!"Ashton suddenly was running, so my reaction was to scream and run! What would you do!
"ASHTON FLETCHER IRWIN! STOP IT!"A girly voice came from near us, I turned and saw Lauren, his little sister, she was like mine too. Only cause all my siblings are out of the house and don`t visit. Ashton and I love together, ya know? But not like that, we are friends, just friends, sadly. 
"LAUREN!"I shrieked, running and tackling her in a hug as the boy ran and jumped onto us. "Ashton get your fat ass off of us"I groaned as Lauren wasn`t really breathing, Ashton giggled, yeah giggled. But he`s Ashton the girliest boy I know. I laughed, standing up and jumping on Ashton, by the way we act, you`d think that we were dating, but this is us and everyone in Australia knows that we are JUST friends. I don`t mind, just spending time with him is a gift. A gift I shall cherish forever!
"Ay! Not the hair dammit!"He cursed, giggling as I stepped beside him. This is him, the one I can`t have.
"Ash, you are so weird!"I said, crossing my arms over my chest in the sunny day. "Wait I`m weird as well, so yeah. But I hang with you and the boys"I teased. I may love this boy more than I thought. 
"Love you too, Aiya"He said, using the small nickname he had given me, my name is Aiyana, but It`s a mouth full so I go by Aiya.
"Yeah you know you do! And you know that I love you!"I was mainly saying it friendly but part of me wanted to be able to say that and kiss him. I glanced up at the blonde-haired, green-eyed boy. He was staring down at me. "Take a picture, it`ll last longer"I stuck my tongue out at him

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