My Brother Liam (one direction fanfic)

what happens when Kelli's brother Liam goes on tour leaving Kelli with her brothers friend who are also the bad boys. What will they do to her? Will they hurt her? Will they force her to do things she doesn't want to? Will they just leave her in her room alone until they want her for something? READ TO FIND OUT!


5. chapter 4

Kelli's POV

"Hey" I let out annoyed by the fact that I can't be with Harry.

"Hey" the one with red tips said happily and put out her hand for me to shake. Ha like I would shake her hand, I just stood there in the same position as before.

"Are you okay?", said the one with green tips. I was already starting to like her because she seemed so caring but all I really wanted right was Harry and that's all I could think about.

"Yeah I'm the best I could be", I said a little bit with an attitude and very sarcasticly.

"Oh well my name is Kaya and this is Lexi", she said pointing to the girl who has red tips and they both smiled. I let myself have a little smile on my lips just to seem friendly.

"Kelli" I said putting out my hand and shaking theirs. My friends introduced theirselves and we all sat down at a table together and came on to a subject of boys. Wow the first day of school and they already like some boys this will be interesting.

I wasn't really paying attention to the names they were saying because none of them sounded familiar. Until a specific name popped up and I began to listen. "Omg Harry is so cute with his dimples and his eyes", said Lexi with excitement in her voice. She began drinking some of her drink and I just starred at her and she started becoming very uncomfortable. She opened her mouth to speak but she didn't say anything because of my staring and then she finally said,"I got to go! I'm sorry it's random but I forgot that I had to meet up with someone". Kaya started looking confused about what was going on. "Kaya come on I need you to come with me", Lexi said in a demanding voice and Kaya just got up and left to follow Lexi.

"Why did they just leave like that?" Questioned Sydney.

"I don't know, but that was awfully strange", rose said very confused. I just sat there quietly starring at my food just playing around with it.

"Why aren't you eating?" Rose said very concerned. I wonder if she remembered the fact that she told me that I shouldn't date Harry. Even thinking about him or hearing his name gets me upset and mad. I just wondered what he thought of me. I bet he just forgot about me and found someone better. I just can't get over him.

"No reason", I said kinda of annoyed because she should know why I'm like this.

"Didn't they get your mind of Har-" I cut her off.

"Don't say his name I'm not in the mood right now and that only makes the problem worse then what it already is.

"Okay sorry miss grumpy pant", said rose and I began looking at her in anger.

"Stop acting so childish", I said with anger. I clenched my fist to release some stress I'm starting to have.

"I'm acting childish? I'm not the one throwing a fit over a boy that probably doesn't really like you and probably just wants to get in your pants. So don't you be calling me childish", she raised her voice in anger. Wow we're having a fight because I called her childish even I'm acting that way too. All I did was ruin her mood and that's horrible. I want to apologize but when I opened my mouth all I do is start crying. I was feeling weird because I'm having really bad mood swings at the moment and I didn't know why.

I started running for the bathroom to wipe my tears away. Once I got in there I decided to go use it. Once I got up I saw red stuff all over. "Shit", I whisper to my self. I decided to text my mom to come pick me up from school.

*text messages*

K: mom come pik me up!

M: why?

K: I started my period and I don't have anything....

M: okay I'm on my way

Im glad my mom understands me and will pick me up instead of making me go to the nurse. My house is only a couple minutes away from the school so she will be here soon.

*ten minutes later*

Speaker phone: Kelli please come to the office you're leaving.

I gathered all my things and headed to the office to be greeted by my mother.

A/N: im soooooo sorry for not updating sooner I have been getting sooooooo much homework, my computer broke so I had to do it on my phone, and I just started acting and modeling classes and all of that takes a lot of time I'm so sorry I loved you all but email me if you want to help or be in the story or help come up events that could happen!!! Email me at

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