My Brother Liam (one direction fanfic)

what happens when Kelli's brother Liam goes on tour leaving Kelli with her brothers friend who are also the bad boys. What will they do to her? Will they hurt her? Will they force her to do things she doesn't want to? Will they just leave her in her room alone until they want her for something? READ TO FIND OUT!


4. chapter 3

      Harry POV 

        I can't believe that i wanted to stop being a bad boy it was soo much fun. I got to pick on nerds and beat up kids i didn't like. The best thing is that I'm going to be able to get Kelli if Liam doesn't get into my way. If Liam finds out that I like Kelli he would kick me out of his popular and bad boy group or even worse he'll beat me up and band me from being near Kelli. I think I should talk to Niall about this he knows what to do. Gosh I love that Irish boy.

       Class finally ended and I had next hour with Niall, I cant wait to hear his advice. When I walked out of class i heard Kelli ask me,"Whats your next hour?" I answered saying,"Geometry". She just shook her head and walked the other way. Im guessing she doesn't have geometry with me. When walking on my to my class i saw Marcel, he is thinking he is so cool because I was acting scared around him earlier. He walks up to me,"Hello, we meet again". I just nodded and he laughed. I was so tempted to punch him in the face but I needed Niall's advice and I didn't want to get suspended on the first day of school. "Awwww, is pretty boy scared of me?" he said making a sad face. I just laughed saying,"Why would I be scared of you?" "Remember earlier you acted so scared because you didn't want me to hurt you", he said laughing with everyone around us. "Actually just wanted my face to stay pretty for a hot girl that you cant get unlike me", I said with confidence. Anger grew in his eyes and I knew something bad would happen so I just walked away and got to class. Right when i entered i saw Niall so i sat by him. I looked around and Kelli wasnt in this class, im kinda happy now i cant talk to Niall.

      "Hey, i have to ask ask you a question." i said looking at Niall. "and what would that be?" Niall said curiously. "okay so i like Kelli and", then Niall interrupted, "you like Kelli? Liam isn't going to be happy about that". "That is why i came to you. What should I do?" I really wanted to know what to do. "Honestly the best thing that you could do is just let her go. Its for the best and if you truely loved her then you would just let her'' I nodded at his advice. "But I just can't let her go", I said very upset. "Just do it and forget that you love her and everything will be fine and it would help if don't be friends with her. Just try at least", he kind of pleaded. I finally agreed and we sat in silence for the rest of the hour of class. 

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      It was finally lunch time and I took a seat next to everyone in the group. 

  Kelli's POV 

   "Ok so i like Harry a little bit but he is turning into a goodie goodie", I said to my friends Rose and Sydney. They just looked at me in confusion like I was seeing things or something. "Harry a goodie goodie?" they both just laughed. "He is! He even told me he was because he really wanted me to date him", I said annoyed that they don't believe me. They both stared and me and stopped laughing and said," Don't date him because if Liam finds out there would be so many bad things that could happen". "But his dimples and his smile is just so perfect with his eyes", I said in love."Just snap out of it! It would be best if you don't go near him and meet new people", Rose said. "Ugh I'll think about it", I said sadly. 

    "Let's go meet some new people", Sydney said in excitement. "Sure whatever", I said kinda mad. Then two girls walked by they both had dark brown hair except one had red tips and other had a little bit of green and they both had brown eyes. We walked up to the girls.


A/N: if anyone wants to be in my story email me 

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