My Brother Liam (one direction fanfic)

what happens when Kelli's brother Liam goes on tour leaving Kelli with her brothers friend who are also the bad boys. What will they do to her? Will they hurt her? Will they force her to do things she doesn't want to? Will they just leave her in her room alone until they want her for something? READ TO FIND OUT!


2. chapter 2

   Harry POV

        When I was on my way to my first hour a kid that was walking in front of me was pushed by a boy that has bugged me since the beginning of six-grade. His name was Marcel. He looked like a geek but yet he was the strongest kid at the school. Everyone was afraid to get into his way or bump into him, because you will never know what he will do next to anyone.  As i walked past him I took a quick glance at him and his eyes were starring into my eyes and they were so evil looking. He just stopped in front of me and yelled, "You got a problem with me pretty boy". "No", i said quite frightened. "Good now walk away before i change my mind", he yelled. I hurried and walked away but everyone was just starring at me. I was really embarrassed because i just gave up my reputation as a bad boy because i wanted Kelli to like me and she didn't seem to like my bad boy side. I'm really not that scared of anyone except Marcel though. The one minute bell rung just as i got to my class and i walked in choosing a seat but then I saw Kelli right there with no one by so I decided to sit next to her so she wouldnt be all alone. 

      "Hey", she said as i sat next to her. Gosh she was so beautiful. "Hey", i said to her a little bit shy. Wait why was i shy around her i'm the popular and bad boy there is no need to be shy around her. It is just that she is something special but Liam would kill me if i ever dated her. I remember when i first became friends with him when he was a freshman and i was in seventh-grade he said that if any of us wanted to date her we would get kicked out of the group. When i was in seventh-grade i never thought she would turn out to be this beautiful. Honestly in seventh-grade I thought she wasn't pretty at all but that was because i still thought girls had cooties. 

       "Since you haven't told me your schedule, would you tell me now?" i asked. "ummmm.. sure", she said. "Hello class! Stop your chitter chatter and pay attention because this next hour is just going to be me talking about what we will be learning this year", the teacher said. Dang it now i cant ask her about her schedule. Ugh hopefully i will have another class or more with her. "Haha I guess you'll have to wait now", she whispered. I really wanted to know what her schedule was so I didn't have to wait for all my classes. 

        Kelli's POV

      Ugh Harry was so cute but he was so different since summer ended. He used to be such a bad boy. I kinda liked his bad boy side. I'm one of those girls who is in love with bad boys and not those goody goody type of boys. I have had a crush on him for a while but now that he didn't act so bad anymore. He is going to turn into a nerd soon and everyone will laugh him. 

      "Harry, why aren't you a bad boy anymore", i asked feeling a little bit awkward. "I hated being a bad boy because you seemed to not like me as much", he said a little shyly. "Haha I loved you a lot more when you were a bad boy. I hate those goody goody boys", i said giggling. I saw him turn in shock and he had a smile. I knew he loved being a bad boy.  

     Harry POV 

      Yes!! She liked bad boys and a bad bpoy she will get. The only problem is how am I going to get past Liam about all of this. I didn't want to get kicked out of the group but I really liked Kelli. 

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