say when

Catharine Grim wasn't your typical girl, she never could be no matter what life she choose. she's running away from the possibility of the police putting her in an orphanage, like I said before she isn't your typical girl she lives on the street and doesn't take help from anyone, she's on her own and no one can help her. she thinks she's fine until a certain blue eyed Irish boy comes to her town and wont stop until she accepts his help and along the way she finds she's experiencing new feeling that she thought weren't possible. will Catherine finally learn to trust someone and take help all she has to do is say when.


8. chapter 8

 I look at niall then the man. My head is reeling and I’m confused of what’s happening. The man’s eyes land on me then niall, then Jonas “what the hell is going on here.” He demands and niall stands up “dad I can explain.”  “I’m listening.” Niall so called father says? “Um this is Catharine Grimm and that is Jonas.” Niall states pointing to each of us “wait a minute Catharine Grimm the runaway?!” niall dad exclaims, my mouth drops open oh no is he going to take me, he begins to make his way towards me but niall steps in front “yes. Now just listen to me!” niall yells “he got beat up really badly and he needs medical help.” Niall tells his father “so bring him to the hospital.” He shrugs and niall looks at me then back at his father “I can’t.” He says “why?” “because uh..” “because Catharine there knows that she’ll get caught?” he questions “Catharine what’s that boys last name?” he asks me “none of your business!” I spite, nialls father looks at me then to him “hes your brother isn’t he?” he questions and niall looks at me “why do you think that?” I counter back “you both look alike, have the same eyes.” He smirks “why does it matter?” I ask him “well you see, being head police officer, small facts make a big one.” He says “ what are you implying here?” I ask “well there had to be a reason for you to run away from home and im guessing it’s because of your parents. So you know that if you bring him to the hospital they will call your parents and when they find out they aren’t very sutible parents he gets taken away along with you.” He smirks and jaw tightens “that’s not going to happen!” I snap and begin to lunge at the head police officer but im stopped by niall grabbing me “let me go!” I demand “no, both of you stop.” Niall says “niall, son why did you bring her in our house?” he asks “dad shut up. Shes fine and Catharine we’re bringing your brother to the hospital no matter what.” He says letting me go and I look at him “no im not doing that to him!” I screetch grabbing nialls wrist “Catharine what choice do we have, we can either watch him slowly die or get him some medical help.” He states “theres no “we” in this, its only me.” I snap at him “then what do you choose?” he asks and I think for a minute and ponder over what to do. “i..i” I stumble over my words “that’s what I thought.” He says picking joans body up “come on.” He says and I  follow him to his car. He places joans in the back seat “sit in the front.” He tell me and I nod my head and step inside the passangers side. We drive in silence before niall starts to talk “ I don’t get you.” He says and I look at him slightly “no one does.” I state emotionless im so tired and warn out right now 

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