say when

Catharine Grim wasn't your typical girl, she never could be no matter what life she choose. she's running away from the possibility of the police putting her in an orphanage, like I said before she isn't your typical girl she lives on the street and doesn't take help from anyone, she's on her own and no one can help her. she thinks she's fine until a certain blue eyed Irish boy comes to her town and wont stop until she accepts his help and along the way she finds she's experiencing new feeling that she thought weren't possible. will Catherine finally learn to trust someone and take help all she has to do is say when.


7. chapter 7

“Do you want me to take him to the hospital?” niall asks from the front “no.” I say quickly “why?” he asks “because then they’ll call our parents and if they figure out there awful he gets sent to the orphanage, im not letting that happen.” I say very clearly “fine then where do you want me to go?” he asks “ I don’t know, somewhere.” I say “alright then I guess im bringing you to my house.” Niall says and I want to fight back and reject his offer but when I look at Jonas and the condition hes in I know I can’t be strong willed this time. The ride to nialls home is silent the only sound heard is the radio and Jonas’s whimpers. “Jonas.” I say to him, he looks at me “your going to be alright.’ I say and I can already see the black bruise around his eye, the blood from his nose is pouring and he didn’t look “alright” at all right now.” Catharine.” He says “ya?” I ask him calmly “do ever t..think about me?” he asks, I smile “all the time.” I tell him and rub his back. We arrive at niall’s house and he opens the back door for Jonas and i. “alright Jonas, come on.” I tell him taking his hand and slowly guiding him out of the car but as his feet touch the solid ground a yell of pain came out “ I cant.” He says standing still “come on.” I say still trying to guide him but its no use he won’t move, and then he collapses onto the pavement hitting his head hard. “Jonas!” I yell as kneel down to him “niall!” I yell at the top of my lungs unsure of what to do and second’s later niall runs out “please.” I say with tears that I have hidden for so long streaming down my face. Niall kneels down and picks Jonas’s long body up effortlessly and I follow him into his house. He places Jonas limp body onto a couch. “what do we do?” I panic completely and utterly worried for my brother. “calm down Catharine, its alright.” Niall says trying to soothe me but I shake my head. I kneel next to Jonas and put my ear on his chest to hear slow and steady breathes. “Jonas, come on wake up.” I cry “wake up!” I yell frustrated and niall walks out of the room and comes back with a first aid kit and two towels, one wet and one dry. He places the wet towel onto Jonas forehead then opens the first aid kit taking out a disinfectant wipe and begins to wipe Jonas cuts and I can see jonas’s body tense every time the materiel touches his face. “why isn’t he waking up?” I ask niall “ I don’t know but I think his head is bleeding.” Niall sighs as he tries to wipe away the blood on Jonas face “no it can’t be bleeding.’ I say examining his head and then I see it blood was gushing out from his head. “Give me a head wrap!” I demand and niall passes the package to me I rip it open  and wrap the fabric securely around his head trying to apply pressure to the wound to stop the blood but the blood leaks through the fabric and I wrap two more layers around. “Catharine I think we need to bring him to the hospital.” Niall says “no.” I sternly say as I touch Jonas cold hand “Catharine listen to me!” niall yells frustrated and I turn my head towards him “whoever this guy is all states “no please just no hospital.” I beg and niall stares at me his eyes hard “please.” I beg quietly and his blue eyes soften and he comes closer to me “Catharine I promise I won’t let them take your brother to the orphanage.” He says smoothly to me but I shake my head “you can’t promise me that.” I say trying to sound stern but my voice cracks and moments later I find myself shaking in hard sobs, then seconds later I feel a pair of warm arms wrap around my body “shhh.” Niall soothing voice says “it’s going to be alright.” I cry at an uncontrollable rate and I hate myself for it, im weak and vulnerable. I try and pull myself together “you’re Catharine Grimm.” I tell myself “your strong, brave and you don’t need anyone.” I say and just with those words I pull myself out of the dark hole that is sadness and wipe the tears from my eyes, my lips in a stiff straight line and I remove nialls arms from me. “Jonas wake up.” I tell him sternly “you need to pull yourself out.” I demand him but he does nothing and I don’t know why but frustration builds up inside of me “this is your fault this happened!” I yell at him “you should have been smarter! You should of ran from those people when I told you to!” I scream, thinking somewhere inside my body he would wake up and be fine but I was wrong. “Catharine.” Niall says taking my arm but I yank it away “no im fine.” I say standing straight up. “I don’t need you or any of your pity, im fine.” I snap at him and hurt expression plays on his face “Catharine come on, this isn’t going to help the situation.” He sighs. Then there’s a sound of a key jiggling in the door “shit.” Niall whispers as the door opens revealing a man in around his fifty’s wearing a police outfit I look at niall then the man.

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