say when

Catharine Grim wasn't your typical girl, she never could be no matter what life she choose. she's running away from the possibility of the police putting her in an orphanage, like I said before she isn't your typical girl she lives on the street and doesn't take help from anyone, she's on her own and no one can help her. she thinks she's fine until a certain blue eyed Irish boy comes to her town and wont stop until she accepts his help and along the way she finds she's experiencing new feeling that she thought weren't possible. will Catherine finally learn to trust someone and take help all she has to do is say when.


6. chapter 6

from where I was, I look to the group of people he is with and my heart sinks, I saw the smoke that came from their mouths and the beer bottles they were holding, before I could stop myself I got up and made my way towards the group and I guess he spotted me because he looked me straight in the eye “Catherine?” he asks and I nod, a small smile appears on his face but quickly disappears, he walks away from the group he is with and grabs my hand “why are you hanging with those people? You’re better than them.” I tell the boy I used to know so well “don’t start. You don’t get to decide who is my friend.” He says, his voice hasn’t changed much or his way of speech, “I’m your sister Jonas, even though I left home doesn’t make me any less.” I tell him I look down at his fingers that he is fidgeting with and then I look at his face where he has that same twitch in his left eye “have mum and dad been bringing you to the doctors?” I ask him changing the subject “no they don’t have time.” He tells me “well you need to start going, have you been getting your pills?” I ask he shakes his head and I roll my eyes “I’m fine Catherine, I n….need no” he says looking down “Jonas look at me.” I tell him seriously he shakes his head no “Jonas.” I warn and he sighs “what.” He says “mum and dad aren’t going to help you, and you know that. It’s time for you to get stuff yourself, you can’t rely on them, do you understand?” I ask him he nods his head looking down “why’d you l...leave?” he asks quietly “ I had to Jonas.” I tell him “why didn’t you bring me Catherine? I don’t like it there.” He says and I sigh “I couldn’t, I’m sorry, it was too risky.” I tell him, he frowns “Jonas, don’t think that doesn’t mean I don’t care about you, my life is no better than your still. I miss you.” I tell him and he looks up “I’ve missed you too.” He says. “Now, Jonas I don’t want you hanging out with those boys, alright?” I ask him he shakes his head “Jonas, don’t. There not good people.” I tell him and he shrugs. I watch him as he slides a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and take one out “get that out of your hands now.” I tell him sternly he shakes his head “Jonas, take it out of your mouth it’s not good for you. Don’t you dare turn into mum and dad, your better than them.” I tell him he shakes his head “I’m the same. “He whispers and a frown spreads across my lips my older brothers innocents has been robbed from him, he would of never made these dissions if I were still there with him “Jonas listen to me. Your nothing like them, you’re so much better. Catherine doesn’t want you to do that stuff can you promise her that?” I ask him, “no Catharine I can’t.” He states and storms off back to his so called “friends” and I just watch him I should have run after him but even if I did I know he wouldn’t have listened to me. My parents caused this, he was always such a good kid never once did anything bad, sure he was different because of his autism but I never thought so, he was happy and even though I protected him more than he protected me I loved him and I regret my decision to leave him in that hell hole every day. I hear voice yelling things and I turn around to see what was happening, I couldn’t believe my eyes Jonas was being beat by his “friends” I ran over not even thinking “get off of him!” I yelled to them but they did nothing, I walked up to them and tried to rip them of my brother but they were to strong “get away from!” I yell as I see Jonas do nothing but I could see his smile, he didn’t understand completely what beating up someone was “you’re going to kill him!” I scream at them desperately and then I feel a pair of arms grab me “let go!” I yell as I try to kick my way away from the man who grabbed me “let me go!” I yell and struggle more “Jonas!” I scream as I see his face becoming bloody “get of him!” I yell again but it was no use. I then hear footsteps coming towards us and I felt the man’s arms let go of me and when I turn, I saw niall standing there and for once I was actually realised “get them off of him please.” I begged having tears sting my eyes he nods “it’s alright Catherine.” He says and rips each boy from on top of my brother, they resisted him and tried punching him but niall dodged most of them and very soon my brother was free from them. I ran over to Jonas and hugged him tightly, his smile was gone and I felt his tears coming on to my shirt “it’s alright.” I try to soothe him while rubbing small circles on his back “ come on.” He tells me “ I can’t leave him here!” I  snap at niall “I didn’t mean just you I meant both of you.” He states and begins to walk, I grab Jonas hand “come on.” I tell him and he walks with me “why would they do that?” he asks with a terrified voice “its alright just please stay away from them.” I tell him trying to wipe the blood from his face with my shirt. We get to nialls car “get in.” he says sternly and I don’t object. I open the back seat and Jonas climbs in and I sit next to him, still trying to soothe him. 

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