say when

Catharine Grim wasn't your typical girl, she never could be no matter what life she choose. she's running away from the possibility of the police putting her in an orphanage, like I said before she isn't your typical girl she lives on the street and doesn't take help from anyone, she's on her own and no one can help her. she thinks she's fine until a certain blue eyed Irish boy comes to her town and wont stop until she accepts his help and along the way she finds she's experiencing new feeling that she thought weren't possible. will Catherine finally learn to trust someone and take help all she has to do is say when.


5. chapter 5

 “Come on ben, show her!” screamed a red head and the boy who now has a name, ben laughs a loud laugh and comes closer to me “come on.” He says to me and I look at him with disgust “what?” I ask “I will pay you just come on. “He says taking out money and that’s when this all begins to make sense, he must have been at a party and that’s why all his drunken ass friends are standing here cheering him on, he attempts to gives me the money but I shove his hand “no! God no!” I say with a horrified voice and then one of his so called friends step out of the circle and join him “I got your back ben.” He says and before I can process what’s happening the big buff guy grabs me “let go of me!” I yell at him “let go!” I squirm and kick and try to get away from this boy but his grip stays firm “go get it ben.” They chant and ben steps closer to me “stop!” I scream trying to sound brave but instead sounding weak, his faces inches close to mine and I move my head left and right “get away from me!” I yell and then I kick him successfully and he tumbles back. My breathing is fast and heavy and I find myself gulping and I begin to scream for the man to let me go “let me go!” I scream as loud as I can “shut up slut!” he yells at me and anger boils up inside of me “I’m not a fricken slut! Do you hear me?” I scream to the crowd, I hate when people call me that because I don’t deserve it, I’ve never slept with anyone and the name is just so harsh, then the crowd laughs loudly and begin to chant “slut.” Repeatedly and I find myself unsure of what to do. I then see ben get back up and anger is written all over his facial expression and he walks up to me and his hand connects with my face and the stinging starts and I find myself shocked with his actions “haven’t you heard, men don’t hit women!” I spit at him and he laughs “your no women, you aint even a human, you shouldn’t be alive.” He says “now stay still slut!” he screams but I don’t and I will never, I’m not giving up; more guys join the centre of the circle “dude screw this bet! New bet is that whoever kisses her first gets five dollars and whoever does it with her gets ten!” he yells to the crowd and there’s cheers and a horrified expression plays on my lips as boys try to kiss me and touch me “stop!” I yell. I avoid all of the boys lips but ben grabbed my head and smashed his lips into mine, and I try and try to pull away but I’m unsuccessful, minutes later he pulls away and cheers “ I kissed Catherine!” he yells “dude you probably have a disease now.” Another boy said. The contact with these guys didn't stop and then I faintly heard a car door shut and then seconds later I hear his voice “What the hell is happening here!” the boys all walk away from me but not too far because as that boy let go of me I stood up, breathing heavily “niall, did you come to join the fun?” ben asks  him and I briefly look at nialls face and he looks at me “what are you guys doing!” he yells to them again “calm down dude, it’s just Catherine.” Another boy states and then niall makes his way towards me and looks at me “come on.” He tells me even though I look completely useless and weak I didn't do what he said “no I’m fine.” I lie “Catherine just get up I know you’re lying.” He sighs “niall just go, I can handle this.” I tell him and then a circle forms around us just so those snotty jocks could see what happens next “I’m not joking come on.” He says and for once I hear the anger in his voice which is an unusual sound because he is always so calm “it’s alright. I told you I don’t need your help now go.” I state and he shakes his head and grabs my hand but I pull it away “niall just go I don’t need your help. I’m no wimp.” I say sternly and then he literally picks me up and swings me over his shoulder “put me down.” I protest but he doesn't listen and then he shoves me in his black car and locks the doors “niall, man come on!” I hear a boy with green eyes state “we were just having a bit of fun with her.” another guy adds and niall gives them all disgusted looks “harassing someone is not a game all of you need to grow up!” he says angrily, and minutes later he is sitting in the driver’s seat with his hands tight on the steering wheel. “Are you ok?” he asks me with his eyes glued on the road “I’m fine; I didn't need you to do that. I could have handled it myself.” I sigh angrily “don’t kid yourself I could hear you screaming if I didn't come one of those guys would have rapped you.” He states with anger in his voice and I briefly look at him “why would it matter?” I ask “I am just garbage to them so why does it matter to you that they could have rapped me?” I question “because Catherine I care about you.” He sighs “you don’t even know me. You don’t actually know who I am so I know its all shit about the I care about you, what do you want from me?” I ask with venom in my voice “whoa no need to get anger alright? You may not think I know you but I know your that girl who hides her emotions very well, who will never ask for help because she thinks she’s always fine when she surly not, your that girl who will do anything except trust someone because someone betrayed you.” He says and what he says does nothing to me because it’s not like that at all “I was right you know nothing about me. I don’t hide my emotions first of all, I just don’t have any. I have been through hell and you would never understand. I am independent and I don’t need help and I know that alright? I am completely capable of trusting someone I just rather not because people are disgusting and all they care about are their selves so I rather keep my crap to myself.” I state and he shakes his head “I know that’s not true.” He says and that makes me angrier “pull over.” I demand “why?” he asks “just pull the dammed car over!” I yell this time and he looks alarmed “alright.” He says quietly and pulls the car over. I unbuckle my seat belt “open the door.” I state yanking the handle “no why?” he asks “because I want to leave and I don’t want to talk or see you again.” I say sternly “I get it someone might be able to actually know the real you and you just have to push them away, is that it?” he asks and I turn my head towards him “don’t you dare say you know me, you know nothing about what I have seen and what I have gone through!” I yell “then tell me, tell me what made you this way.” He begs and I shake my head “I’m never going back to the memory.” I state with my mind made “then I guess I will never know why you are so stubborn, ungrateful and anger at the whole world when you chose your life!” he spits at me and as his sentence comes out I feel myself want to slap him, I chose my life? What the hell is he talking about? I never chose this life; I had to it been a chose. “You think I chose to live on the streets?” I question and he nods “you’re an idiot who choices to live on the streets? I never chose this life but I was forced so don’t you dare tell me that! I never wanted this life I wanted to live in a house with my parents being happy!” I scream at him snapping and then his face turns guilty “I’m sorry.” He says quietly “open the dam door. I don’t want to be here anymore.” I say rolling my eyes and he looks at me “and where will you go?” he asks “somewhere away from you.” I spat at him and he looks down “I’m sorry.” He says “just stop and never talk to me again. I don’t need help from anyone and I never will!” I say and finally when I yank the handle the door opens and I step out and the worst part about this is that he dropped me off in the bad part of town, the place I once called my part a shiver runs through my spine as I think of that day I was eight and I was playing outside and then a bunch of druggies came up to me and slammed me into a wall asking me where my parents were and how they would kill me if my parents didn't pay them, I remember how I was terrified and how my father ran out of the house and he told the men that he wasn't planning on paying and I remember how one of the guys said “if you don’t give us that money, we will take your daughter.” And his response was “go ahead.” Just like that he gave me up and I remember I was stuck in that strangers house for three days and then my father gave the men his money and my so called dad never said sorry once, I never wanted to go outside after that I wouldn't even talk I was to scarred that if I said something wrong I would be gone again. The memory made me frown and I felt a tear slide down my cheek but I wiped it away quickly with the memory. I didn't want to walk around this part of the town so I said “can you drop me off somewhere else?” I ask “why I thought you could handle anything.” he says a bit harshly and I roll my eyes and jump back into his car “just drive me somewhere else.” I sigh “why what’s so bad about here?” “Stop with the questions and just drive.” I say through gritted teeth and he sighs “there are so many things I want to learn about you. “He says quietly and I roll my eyes “tell me where you want me to drop you off.” He says and I sigh “just drop me off at the park.” I tell him “ya probably not a good idea bunch of drunks go there.” He says and I shrug “ya so?” I ask “do you really want a replay of what happened just half an hour ago?” he asks “I can handle them, I have before.” I say feeling uneasy about it he sighs “fine.” He begins to drive without saying another word and I am grateful for that. We pull up at the park and I open the passenger door “thanks.” I say and walk to my favorite part about the park, the bench. As I walk towards the bench I see a familiar face and my heart breaks just a bit, his hair was the same  light brown  as I remember and his smile was visible .

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