Kidnapped 15+

Emily is like every other teenage girl, but one thing. She doesn't like one direction! How does Emily feel to be kidnapped by them?! Harry soon falls for her but All she wants to do is escape. Will she ever love Harry or Will Emily start to gain other feelings?


1. Welcome, em

 I Could hear them. Talking about what too do about me. I slowly opened the dark door. I tiptoed slowly and heard a door creek. "Hey!" I heard Liam call in a whisper. I closed my eyes. I'm done. I turned around and saw Liam looking at me. "I'm sorry", I said. I knew tears were rushing down my face. "Come here," Liam said. I looked up at him. Should I trust him? I slowly walked over to Liam. He opened his arms and he pulled me into a hug. "Shh" he said. He rocked me back and forth and he caressed my hair and kissed it. I sighed. I heard louis walk out of the room the other boys were in. "What wrong, em" he said. My face was red from crying. Liam's lips turned into a smile. He took my hand and gave it to louis. "Please…" I said in a low panicky voice. "I won't hurt you" Louis said. He gave me a hug and cuddled me. "Please, don't hurt me" I said again. I started crying about as much as I could. Louis took me to the room they put me in. He let me sit on his lap. He cuddled me until I had no more tears left. "Thank you, louis" I said. My voice was barely a whisper. I heard the door swing open. The light shined on me and I buried my face in Louis's shirt. "Now, now," he said. "It's just Niall." I wrapped my arms around Louis and turned my heard around "Hi, Emily" he said. "Louis, don't leave!" I said in a panic. "I'm not." Louis said. "I'll stay here as long as you like." "My bad" I heard Niall say in a shy voice. Louis was so sweet. I was scared the other boys would do something to me. Louis and I cuddled for a while and talk. "Your beautiful," Louis said. I smiled and said"but your amazing". I laid my head on Louis's shoulder. I remember looking out the dark window but all was a blur. They had me here as a toy to them. I have to figure a way out of here!

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