Kidnapped 15+

Emily is like every other teenage girl, but one thing. She doesn't like one direction! How does Emily feel to be kidnapped by them?! Harry soon falls for her but All she wants to do is escape. Will she ever love Harry or Will Emily start to gain other feelings?


6. Stuck pt 1

I woke with a startle. Another girls scream. I could hear the door creak open. Another body was thrown next to me. Whoever it was kicked and thrashed. The door slammed shut. I barly got my arms high enough to push the bandana off my eyes and mouth. It was a girl. I tryed to untie myself but I couldn't. I pushed the bandana off of the other girls eyes and mouth. "Don't scream." I whispered. She nodded. I helped her untie the ropes off her and she did the same with me. "I'm Emily." I said. I could tell the girl was crying. "T..t..Taylor" she said shaking. I stood up but I hit my head and fell. Taylor caught me. "Oh my god!" She whispered. "Are you okay?!" I tried to keep calm "I'm fine, I think." I lied my head on Taylor's shoulder. "You have a huge bump on your head!" Taylor said. I got up and tryed I open the door slowly. Light spread into the closet. "How are we gonna get out of here?" Taylor said quietly. I shut the door "I have no idea" I said. Taylor's eyes started to water. I hugged her. "Come on, we will get out of here" I said. I opened the door and tiptoed out. Taylor grabbed my hand she started shaking. "Sh!" I whispered. It was a huge house. With long hallways. We wondered around until we found an open window. "Should we?" I whispered. She nodded. We took each others hands getting ready to jump. "HEY!" A voice yelled. Shit. We jumped. Taylor fell on her arm and screamed in pain. "Hurry!" I said. She held her arm right and we ran. Their was bullet shots behind us. I could hear footsteps close behind us. "Their gonna fucking catch us!" Taylor yelled. A car came towards us as we ran. "Emily?!" A heavy Irish accent said. "Oh my god! Niall!" I said. "What the hell happened?" He said. We pointed to the figure running towards us. "Get in" Niall said. I pushed Taylor in the car first and then jump in. She screamed in pain. "Hospital! Now!" I yelled "please!" Taylor cried. I felt her arm. It was obviously broken. We jumped from a 3 story window. "We thought you ran away" Niall said. "I would've, but you guys kidnapped me too" I replyed. We  pulled into the hospital parking lot and Niall barely stopped the care when Taylor and i jumped out of the car and ran. we had bruises and rope burn. But we ran and ran as fast as we could. Taylor's eyes watered and screamed in pain. I twisted my ankle and fell. "Keep running Taylor!" I said. Her and Niall helped me in the hospital and Taylor screamed again. I limped and and we rushed into the emergency room. I triped and screamed as Niall tryed to help me up. My ankle hurt like a million needles into my ankle. I saw Taylor in as much pain as I was. I could tell by the pain in her eyes. They put me in a wheelchair and wheeled me into the exam room and Taylor was right behind me.

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