Kidnapped 15+

Emily is like every other teenage girl, but one thing. She doesn't like one direction! How does Emily feel to be kidnapped by them?! Harry soon falls for her but All she wants to do is escape. Will she ever love Harry or Will Emily start to gain other feelings?


3. Fake it girl!

Louis Pov

"Emily." I said. She smiled at me. "Louis."  She said.  Her body was shaped like an hour glass. She was still a little woozy from last night. I traced her body with my hand. She giggled. I found her sweet spot and kissed her neck. Her beautiful blue eyes looked at me. "Oh my god!" She said and covered her mouth. "What?" I said. "You took something from me!" She giggled. "What?" I said. She was so adorable. She seemed drunk but I guess she just was tired. "" She said. "Virginity?" I said. "Yeah!"she said and touched my face. I grabbed her hand and kissed it. She seemed back to herself. I kissed her. She put her arms around me and I messed with her bra strap. And 'accidentally' unsnapped it. "Oh my god! Louis!" She said "guess I don't need it anyway and threw it across the room." She looked at me. I kissed her and kissed her. We cuddled and made-out. 


Zayn looked at Emily. She was obviously uncomfortable. I put my arm around her. She smiled. Harry cleared his throat. "Hungry?" I said. "Not really," she said messing with the strings on her sweatpants. I put my Hand on her leg. I heard a sound of dishes and looked up to see Niall had stormed out of the kitchen. I got up and Emily grabbed my Hand with pleading eyes. "Come on" I said. She took my hand. We walked together and when we were alone. "I'm sorry" I said. She kept a straight face. "Come on, lighten up!" I started tickling her. She couldn't help but laugh. " it louis!" She said. I picked her up and she started laughing her head off. I turned and saw Nialls blonde hair and he turned around when he saw us.

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