Kidnapped 15+

Emily is like every other teenage girl, but one thing. She doesn't like one direction! How does Emily feel to be kidnapped by them?! Harry soon falls for her but All she wants to do is escape. Will she ever love Harry or Will Emily start to gain other feelings?


8. Authors note

So I know you guys are kinda confused about how Emily got kidnapped by one direction. I've decided to make a flashback Movella. It won't be long. But I wasn't really thinking when I published this. It will have flashbacks from Emily, Taylor and Eleanor. 

So let's catch up here!

niall has fallen for emily

but Emily doesn't want anything to do with him

a crazed fan has kidnapped Emily and Taylor. I decided to add another girl character.

niall is jealous of the way Emily likes louis.

louis is trying to avoid Emily because of niall

niall is trying to use Taylor to make Emily jealous 

so far Harry hasn't really fallen for Emily yet but he will


so what do you think louis and Emily are gonna talk about?

got some tiall/naylor action in there!

kik me at: Youknow_Itslyssa

Give me your ideas and I'll dedicate you in the chapter.

Also looking for a co-author! Kik me! 

I love when you guys comment saying update! Thanks guys!

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