Long Lost Princess


In a land far away there lives the Princess you thought you knew. Princess Rapunzel is like nothing any of the stories have described her as. She's no longer the dainty princess left to her own devices, trapped in a tower. She's a bad ass fighting machine. She learns of the Witch's betrayal early on in the story, and the story continues to share her trials of returning to her Kingdom.


2. Secrets Kept Secrets Told

April 1759



Rapunzel sat on her window bench and looked over the forest her mother kept her in. She had full run of the mansion but the Tower was her home. In the tower she practiced archery, hand to hand combat, and knife throwing. Rapunzel had no recollection of her father, her mother never mentioned him. She saw in the distance her mother riding in, and close behind her the King's men. One a good looking boy around her eighteen years, the other more advanced in age. They were chasing her mother!


Rapunzel realized in horror. What if they killed her? Rapunzel whistled and her horse, Macbeth appeared below, Rapunzel jumped without hesitation onto her steed, her sword and bow and arrows at her side she dived into the forest at full speed, she stopped when she heard her mother's voice;

"You'll never find her. She belongs to me."

"Give us Princess Rapunzel and we shall spare you." The younger guard snarled. Princess?

"I kidnapped her fair and square let King Braxton suffer!"

"You killed the Queen, kidnapped the newborn princess not even twenty minutes after her birth! Hand over Rapunzel!" The elder guard shouted; obviously losing his temper.

"No, she's my daughter now." Rapunzel had heard enough and stepped from her hiding place, Macbeth close behind her. She drew her sword for protection,

"NO, I'm not you are a filthy, lying, witch! You had me believe my father abandoned me? You killed my biological mother? Why?"

"Rapunzel, darling." The witch tried to reason with the long lost princess.

"Don't 'darling' me!" Rapunzel snarled.

"Rapunzel, your father and I..."

"Let me guess were in love, he was forced to marry the now deceased Queen Isabel and you became jealous because he forgot all about you," Rapunzel mocked.


"Then you kidnapped Twenty minute old me, brain washed me into believing I was your daughter." "Rapunzel."

"No save it witch. I'm going with these guards to my kingdom. To my father and you are staying here. If you follow I will strike you down." Rapunzel said with such conviction that the witch shrank back, Rapunzel mounted Macbeth and rode off with the two guards.


Who she later learned were named Victor and Seth. "Seth, how old are you?" Rapunzel asked the younger guard.

"Eighteen. The same age as you as I'm told." Seth looked ahead, but she could see the faint trace of a smile. But he looked forward, the path was clear, but his hand never left his hilt of the sword in his scabbard. Abandoning any hope of continuing conversation with Seth; Rapunzel turned to Victor.

"Victor, why are you so cautious. I gave the witch direct orders not to follow."

"Witches cannot be trusted young Rapunzel. You have much to learn about being a ruler." Victor looked at her, all kindness in his eyes had been ebbed away only to be replaced by a hardness, that one could only achieve with sadness, extreme sadness.

"Who hurt you Victor?"

"The witch you called 'mother'. She stole more than the princess. She killed my sister and kidnapped my niece, and left my King and Brother in a shell of the man he once was."

"You're my uncle?"

"Yes, Seth is my trainee. He'll be your personal guard."

"Oh. Why does he not speak full sentences?"

"He is very serious about his duties of protecting you once you were found."

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