Long Lost Princess


In a land far away there lives the Princess you thought you knew. Princess Rapunzel is like nothing any of the stories have described her as. She's no longer the dainty princess left to her own devices, trapped in a tower. She's a bad ass fighting machine. She learns of the Witch's betrayal early on in the story, and the story continues to share her trials of returning to her Kingdom.


1. Prolouge

      April 29th, 1741

 A king and queen of a far away land gave birth to a beautiful, green eyed baby girl. The Queen named her newborn daughter Rapunzel, after her warrior great grandmother. The King announced to his kingdom of the birth of Princess Rapunzel of Temperance.

"I give to you on this day of April the Princess Rapunzel."

"Give to me? How sweet King Braxton! Now say goodbye Rapunzel."

"You can't take my daughter!"

"Can't I Braxton? She should have been mine!" The which disappeared leaving a dead queen and a distraught king. The king asked a kind wizard to make his subjects immortal so they could see his daughter's return. Something that would not happen for eighteen years.   

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