Long Lost Princess


In a land far away there lives the Princess you thought you knew. Princess Rapunzel is like nothing any of the stories have described her as. She's no longer the dainty princess left to her own devices, trapped in a tower. She's a bad ass fighting machine. She learns of the Witch's betrayal early on in the story, and the story continues to share her trials of returning to her Kingdom.


7. Insanity

April 29th, 1760

Rapunzel's 19th Birthday


A year had passed since the death of Meredith, and the possession of the princess. Unfortunately the witch as she left Rapunzel's body during the Cleansing left her in a comatose state, not even Seth's kiss could wake her. The Father Joseph told Seth that after an innocent soul is in contact with great evil, it freezes and must heal at its own pace. That didn't keep Seth from looking in on her, holding her hand. He abandoned all his other duties, after-all he was her protector, her true love. He couldn't just leave her alone...not with her history of disappearing. It was around the time of his seventh visit of the day when he heard a voice in the bedroom. He rushed in and found Rapunzel laying on her back still, but her eyes were wide with fear. 


"Princess!" at the sound of his voice Rapunzel's head shot in his direction, but no recognition crossed her beautiful face.


"Who are you? Where am I?"


"I am Sir Seth, your assigned Knight. You are in the castle of your birth." That didn't ease her confusion in the slightest. "Stay here, I will be back with your father." Seth disappeared down the corridor in whence he came. He entered the King's quarters, and King Braxton looked up and rolled his eyes at the young knight.


"No more warlocks Seth, my heart cannot take more disappointment." 


"No, my King, she has awoken with no recollection of whom she is or where she is. She doesn't know me at all." The king bolted past Seth and down the corridor. 


"My darling daughter, you have finally awoken. Do you know not of whom you are?"


"I know I am Rapunzel. I live in a tower deep within the woods. My mother keeps me hidden. Who are you and where is she?"


"I am your father, King Braxton. Your mother died a year ago. You are the princess of this kingdom."


"My father, she told me my father was dead."

 As  soon as those words left her mouth, King Braxton stood bewildered. Seth approached her slowly, as would a hunter towards a deer. Rapunzel's eyes darted between the king and the slowly approaching knight. Rapunzel felt a nagging need to go to Seth, however before she could move an inch her knees buckled sending her on her way to the stone floor. Seth reached out to catch her as she fell, alas he was second too late. The princess hit her head on the cold stone floor of her private chamber. 

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