Long Lost Princess


In a land far away there lives the Princess you thought you knew. Princess Rapunzel is like nothing any of the stories have described her as. She's no longer the dainty princess left to her own devices, trapped in a tower. She's a bad ass fighting machine. She learns of the Witch's betrayal early on in the story, and the story continues to share her trials of returning to her Kingdom.


5. A Cure Might Be Right Under Your Nose



Seth paced back and forth in Rapunzel's chamber. Making her chamber maid nervous as a bird. He couldn't shake the ideas forming around his mind, all centered on one question, What is the CURE? Seth racked his brain trying to remember anything the witch might've said suggesting a curse or a cure. Knowing full well True Love's First Kiss would break the sleeping curse, he just didn't know who was Rapunzel's true love; she was locked away from society for eighteen years, the only people she knows included himself, Victor, and the King. Well Meredith but she was dead. Seth couldn't help but think,


Am I her true love? Her soul mate?


He would quickly dismiss such ludicrous notions and resume his pacing. Looking towards the sleeping form of Rapunzel from time to time. He couldn't be in love with her, but he was. The king would have his head if he ever found out the knight he put in charge of protecting his daughter had fallen for her. But what if the princess shared his love? He dared not place a kiss on her rose colored lips, her sun kissed skin losing its color and life with each passing second she was in the sleep. Her hair once fifty feet long now rested just below her breasts. Her hair still the color of buttercups and happiness shone brightly as if with a life of its own, the shears and the rest of her hair laid in a pathetic heap of brown on the stone floor. He knelt beside the heap of hair and touched it, thinking it would still be soft, but it was coarse and straw like in texture. Seth had had enough and went over to the sleeping form, looking towards the chamber maid he said,


"Don't breathe a word of this." then he kissed the princess full on the lips. He wasn't expecting anything to happen, but it did.


Victor's POV


  Victor searched everywhere. High and low. Nothing. He even searched the Princess' tower. Victor, frustrated at the lack of any clues; leaned his tired body against a brick protruding from the wall and suddenly  fell  back, and landed on his arse. Victor stood and wiped himself off and walked deeper into the secret passage and noticed a golden gleam. He walked slowly towards the light and saw in a glass jar a flower, it looked like an orchid a sailor brought to the king from a place called 'Japan' It was a beautiful thing, and he felt certain this was the cure to the sleeping curse. Victor inched closer to the strange flower, it cast the strange golden glow, and as if lifted the glass the glow dimmed, and the flower wilted, a booming voice that belonged to Meredith erupted throughout the room,


"You actually thought I'd be stupid enough to make an orchid the cure to my curse! Victor you need to look within yourself, open your eyes and see. Then you will find the cure." 



The voice melted into nothing and Victor dropped the dead flower on the floor and ran out of the tower, and rode to the palace. If the orchid was not the cure, then what was? Rapunzel needed his help, and if he could not provide the cure...who could. Would the Princess of Temperance ever wake? Or would she be known as the Long Lost Princess forever?



Victor ran up the castle steps and found to his dismay the King, his brother crying on the throne. 


"Brother? What troubles you?"


"Victor, how can you ask such a question? My daughter slumbers an unnatural sleep and you return with no cure?"


"Brother I have an idea of what the cure could be."


"What is that?"


"True love's first kiss."


"Where do you suppose we find her true love?"


"I do not know my lord but I will search the land until he is found."


"Good day to you Victor, find Seth and tell him of the developments."


"I will my lord. Good day and God bless."



Victor went in search of his prodige checking where he would mostly likely be first, the library. He was not there and Victor quickly remembering the orders he had given to Seth, to look after Rapunzel he went in the direction of the princess's chambers. The sight that met his eyes would surely if he was any other man result in Seth's death. Seth was leaning over the princess, her arms around his neck. He quickly realized that Seth was helping the girl from the bed. But how was she awake? With no cure, and no possible candidates for her true love...no it can not be. Seth was Rapunzel's true love? It was the only explanation, if he were to choose her true love he'd have admit it would be Seth. 


"Thank you," was all the Princess said to Seth. "Thank you Seth, you are my true love." she said with such certainty. 


"Seth." Victor said, he wasn't angry but the poor boy jumped and fell to his knees,


"Victor, I'm so sorry. It was just theory I didn't know it would actually work."


"No Seth you did well. The King doesn't care whom her True Love is just that she awakens. Come Rapunzel, your father wishes to see you."


"Alright Sir Victor, come along Seth. Father wishes to see me." Victor noticed that Rapunzel wasn't quite herself.


"Princess, are you alright?"


"Fine, perfectly fine! Daddy wants to see me! The Long Lost Princess! He wants to see me, and love me and cherish me because I've returned...twice!" Victor exchanged a worried glance with Seth before leading Rapunzel from the room towards the throne room. 


"Forgive me Princess, but you don't seem like yourself."


"Oh Victor!"


'Every curse has its consequence. Let's see you find a cure for her insanity.'


"Curse you Meredith!"


"Be nice to momma. She just wants me to be happy."


"Meredith is the one who cursed you!" Seth reasoned.


"She raised me."


"She kidnapped you! Killed your mother!"


"She was heartbroken and lonely."






"Your father will see you now." Rapunzel skipped into the throne room. Oh dear, thought Victor. 


"My darling daughter you've awoken! Who is the one who had awoken thee?"


"Sir Seth of Temperance father." The Princess said with a curtsy. 


"Sir Seth?"


"Oh yes father." The men in the room exchanged worried glances with one another. Victor reached out to the king and whispered.


"Sir, when we were coming here the Princess spoke in Meredith's voice. She said simply;'Every curse has its consequence. Let's see you find a cure for her insanity.' What do you suppose that means sir?"


"I haven't the slightest clue. There is no cure for insanity. If her True Love's first kiss didn't cure her fully, then what will?"


"I haven't an answer my king." The two conversing men looked down at Rapunzel, who was now on the floor playing with her skirt. She was whispering something underneath her breath, that only Victor could hear.


"Its time to play you see. Count them One two three. Victor let the curse die, and for that insanity shall fly. Secrets you keep near and dear will come out to play. Hey no way! Victor won't you play with me? Aren't you Rapunzel's daddy-kins?" Victor's mouth dropped open as he listened to the frightening rhyme the princess was reciting. No it wasn't the princess it was Meredith.


"Foul witch remove thy ghastly specter from the beautiful princess. Leave her at once and begone with your traitorous lies!" Victor shouted at the possessed girl before him. Princess Rapunzel raised her head slowly and tilted it side to side and whispered.


"I think I'll stay a bit longer daddykins." With that the Princess fell back her head making a loud thud on the stone floor. The men of the room stood motionless, digesting the possibility of their Long Lost Princess being possessed by the witch she murdered.



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