Accepting the Mark

Max has just moved and she doesn't know anyone, but a group of kids in her grade seem to know her and follow her around the school. She hears howling at night, and Max swears that it's right outside her window. When school starts to get harder and Max gets more stressed, she gets more angry. She's never been a violent teen though. But when the group of kids that follow her around tell her something interesting, will she choose to accept it? Or go on living in the dark?


4. The den

As we walked, Zac kept trying to hold my hand or put his arm around my shoulders. I would move away each time. And each time Zac would give me a disappointed look. Zac never stopped talking, and pretty soon I just tuned out. He was so energetic. I let my senses rest on what was around me. The trees, the squirrel that ran up the trees when they heard us, the wind blowing softly.

Zac ran off ahead of me and my eyes followed him. Zac had ran up to a wood shack. It looked like a really small cabin actually but more secure. The door looked like it was made out of metal, and on the outside, their was a large chain link fence. The fence squeaked as Zac opened it. He then replaced the lock that was on the gate.

"We used to catch animal when we were younger, and keep them here," Zac said as he caught me staring around the enclosure.

"Then why do you still have the lock on it?" I asked.

"In case anyone trespasses," he says. "We don't want people going through our stuff," he said as we led me to the metal door and knocked on it. It made a loud noise which made me cringe. A second later the door opened and Zac and I walked in.

Inside was like a cabin too. There was a bear skin rug covering the ground. A tv and couch sat on one side of the room, and a mini fridge sat in the corner. The boys I had met at school all sat around the tv watching an episode of Cops. Zac walked up to the tv and turned it off. The boys pouted for a bit, but stopped when Zac gave them a look I had never seen before. Then they all seemed to shrink in the sight of him.

"Boys, we have a lady present," Zac said as he motioned to me. I waved at them as they looked my direction but soon looked back at Zac.

"Does she know?" Shawn asked as he stood up and grabbed Zac's shoulder.

"No, not yet," I heard Zac whisper. I don't think I was suppose to hear that though.

"Know what?" I asked. All the boys looked at me. Shawn looked from me to Zac and then back to me.

"She's showing all the sign's, its going to be the next time," Shawn whispered even lower to Zac, but I still heard it. "That's only two weeks away," he said.

"I know, but how am I suppose to tell her?" Zac whispered frantically.

"You can just tell me since I can hear you," I said. "Or I can just go cause obviously I'm not welcomed here," I said. Zac pushed Shawn's hand off of his shoulder and came over to me.

"No, stay," he said as he pushed the hair out of his eyes. It was the first time I had actually ever seen his eyes. They were a light hazel, almost gold color. "I'll tell you, just not right now," he said.

"Then I'll just go," I said as I turned around and walked out the door. I walked up to the fence gate but the lock was still on it. I looked back for help but none of the boys came to let me out. "Fine, I'll climb it," I said as I took hold of the fence and climbed it. I got to the top and jumped down. I landed hard on my feet but I stood up and walked away.

"See, I told you. Its the next one. And she's your mate," I heard Shawn say. How can I still hear them? They must be speaking loud. I thought.

"I know that, I'll tell her just shove off for now," I heard Zac say.

"When?" I heard an unfamiliar voice say. It must've been one of the other boys.


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