Accepting the Mark

Max has just moved and she doesn't know anyone, but a group of kids in her grade seem to know her and follow her around the school. She hears howling at night, and Max swears that it's right outside her window. When school starts to get harder and Max gets more stressed, she gets more angry. She's never been a violent teen though. But when the group of kids that follow her around tell her something interesting, will she choose to accept it? Or go on living in the dark?


3. The boys

I shut my locker and glanced around the hall. I saw Zac standing by the doors, he was talking with some other boys. They kept glancing my way and smiling and nudging Zac. I walked the opposite way from them, not wanting to talk to Zac again. I found my class and slid into the desk. A second later someone slid into the desk next to me. I glanced over quickly and noticed that it was one of the boys that was talking to Zac. He had light brown hair like mine and blue eyes.

"Hi there, I'm Nick," he said. I smiled and said hi. The bell rang and that ended that conversation.

After school I walked to my locker to drop books off and as I shut it Zac was right there. I jumped when I saw him smiling at me. I looked behind him and saw the same boys that were with him this morning.

"Hey Max," he said. "I thought you might want to meet my friends," he said as he turned around.

I had already met Nick. Shawn had blonde hair with brown streaks. Simon had long hair like Zac's, but his was brown. And Percy had curly hair. I said hi to them all and then started walking away.

"Hey wait!" Zac called as he grabbed onto my shoulder. "Do you want to hang out, I told you about that place in the woods," he said. I shook my head, not wanting to go.

"No, I think I should be getting back home," I said as I started walking away. This time Zac didn't run after me.

When I got home, Mrs Frost was in the kitchen. She was baking cookies, and already had a dozen done. I walked in and walked strait to my room and shut the door. I enjoyed being alone, and having my own room. I heard a knock and Mrs Frost opened the door.

"Hello Max," she said. I smiled as she sat down on my bed. "How was your first day of school?" she asked.

"It was alright," I said.

"I saw you walking with a boy, who was he?" she asked. So she was spying on me? I thought. Great.

"Some guy, his name is Zac," I said.

I could tell she wanted to know more but thankfully the phone rang and she had to go. I looked at my room and decided that there was nothing to really do. I walked down the hall and told Mrs Frost that I was going out. I grabbed a jacket and walked out. I wasn't too sure where I was going but soon I found myself in the woods. First I was walking on a muddy path, and then the path was gone.

I looked around and saw the path off in the distance and I started walking back towards it.

"Max!" I heard someone call my name. I spun around and saw a tall boy with long black hair off in the distance. Zac. "Max!" he called again. I waved but kept walking. I could hear him running after me and soon he war right next to me. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

"I got bored," I said.

"So you came looking for me eh?" he asked. I glanced over at him and saw a huge grin on his face. This kid was cocky.

"No, I actually forgot. I just wandered here," I said.

"Oh I see," he said. He looked suspicious.

"What are you doing here?" I asked.

"Heading to our den," he said. "Me and the boys found a run down shack when we were younger. We fixed it up and we call it our den," he explained.

"Like wolves?" I asked. "Wolves have dens," I said. Zac smiled.

"Would you like to see our den?" he asked. I sighed. That was the third time he asked. I figured if I didn't say yes, he would keep asking.

"Sure," I said. Zac smiled widened as he walked off the path, leading me to his 'den'.

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