Accepting the Mark

Max has just moved and she doesn't know anyone, but a group of kids in her grade seem to know her and follow her around the school. She hears howling at night, and Max swears that it's right outside her window. When school starts to get harder and Max gets more stressed, she gets more angry. She's never been a violent teen though. But when the group of kids that follow her around tell her something interesting, will she choose to accept it? Or go on living in the dark?


8. Never get used to it

I walked down the hall and felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I had gotten used to this feeling in the past week, and I quickly spun around to see Zac walking down the hall. He smiled when he saw me turn around.

"I see your beginning to use your senses more," he said as he grabbed my hand. I pulled it away. I might be a wolf, but I still wasn't sure on me being his mate. But Zac seemed pretty sure it was true. I still thought he was using it as an excuse.

"Do I have a choice?" I asked. "It seems like my smell and sight have been getting better just within the past few days," I said. Zac smiled even wider.

"That means that the full moon is almost here," he said. "Your senses heighten until the full moon, and then they become a permanent thing," he explained. "I'm just giving you a heads up; once you turn and a few days after, your going to be getting used to your heightened senses. I suggest you stay home for a few days," he said. We walked down the hall and I walked up to my class and gave Zac a hug and told him that I would met him after school.

I walked into class and sat down in the back of the classroom. I felt Nick walk up to me and sit down in the desk next to mine. I gave him a half smile and turned my attention to the front of the room. After school I made my way to my locker, where I already seemed to have an audience waiting for me. The whole pack stood there. Zac leaned up against my locker and the rest of the boys stood around him like he was a God. I smiled at the pack and then turned to Zac.

"Move," I ordered him.

"Why?" he asked.

"That's my locker," I said. Zac nodded and moved away. I smiled at him as I opened my locker and threw my stuff in and then shut the door. "Ok, I'm ready," I said as I turned around to face the pack.

Zac started to walk away and I walked next to him. The others followed close behind. We got to the den and Shawn unlocked the gate and we all walked inside the compound.

"We're gonna stay out here today," Zac said. The boys looked around like he was joking. It was close to winter and we could all see our breath.

"You crazy?" Simon asked. "We'll freeze out 'er" he said.

"Your a wolf, you'll survive," Zac said. "I want to teach Max how to turn safely," he said as he turned towards me. "During your first turning, you'll be freaking out a bit. Your sight, smell, and hearing will reach their full capacity, and you wont be used to it," Zac explained. "That's normal though," he said. "Just try and stay calm, me and the pack will be with you the whole time." he said as he walked off a bit. "Now after your first turn, you can pretty much control when you turn," Zac explained. "You might feel the urge to turn if you get mad or something, and sometimes the power is just too strong and you'll wolf out, just make sure your not around people. But when you turn you want to reach into yourself and feel your wolf side, will it to come out. It'll be hard at first but it gets easier," Zac said as he bent down like he had done the other night. He looked down and then up and all of a sudden the black wolf was standing in front of me.

"I still can't believe all of this is true," I laughed as I walked over to Zac. I tried to pet his head but he ran off.

"Better believe it, cause that's going to be you tomorrow night," Shawn said. Zac came running up still in wolf form and sat down in front of the pack.

"Now you all change, Max you watch," Zac said in our minds.

I watched as the four boys spread out and all bent down. I saw Shawn turn first. His fur was a dark brown color. Nick and Simon turned at the same time. Nick's fur was a light brown. And Simon's was blonde, almost white. Percy was the last to turn. His fur was a grey color and was shorter than the others. I watched in aw as the wolves ran around the compound. They chased each other around, nipping at each other playfully. Why can't you be like this all the time? I thought. Because we aren't wolves all the time I heard Zac answer as he walked up to me and sat down at my feet.

"I don't think I'm ever going to get used to you guys reading my mind," I said as I looked down at Zac. He wagged his tale and looked up at me almost as if he was laughing at me.

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