Accepting the Mark

Max has just moved and she doesn't know anyone, but a group of kids in her grade seem to know her and follow her around the school. She hears howling at night, and Max swears that it's right outside her window. When school starts to get harder and Max gets more stressed, she gets more angry. She's never been a violent teen though. But when the group of kids that follow her around tell her something interesting, will she choose to accept it? Or go on living in the dark?


12. Doggy door

I threw my bag across the floor and shut the door. I walked over and sat down on my bed. I pulled up my sleeve, revealing my crescent moon mark. Zak was right. It was getting darker since I turned. I pulled my sleeve down as I heard someone knocking at my window. I stood up and opened the curtains. Zac stood there with his leather jacket slung over his shoulder and his long black hair falling into his eyes. I opened the window and stared at him.

"You know if you want to talk you can maybe call or come to the door like a normal human," I said.

"Wheres the fun in that?" Zac asked as he pushed his hair back. He climbed into my room and I shut the window.

"Maybe I should just leave it open so you don't have to keep asking to be let in like a little dog," I said. "It can be like your own doggy door," I snapped. I don't know why I was being so mean to him. I don't even know where that came from.

"That would be helpful but I'm not a dog," Zac said. "I'm a wolf. There's a difference," he snapped back.

"What do you want?" I growled as I sat down on my bed and leaned up against the wall.

"My parents wanted to meet you, my mum said I should invite you over for dinner tonight," he said. I looked down at the blanket on my bed. I nodded but never looked up.

"Yea sounds fun," I said. "What time?" I asked.

"Around 6:30 so be at my house by like 6:15 or so," Zak said. I nodded again to let him know I understood. "I'll see you tonight then," he said as he opened up the window and jumped out. "And maybe keep a book or something in the window so I can have my doggy door," Zac said as he walked away. I looked up and moved towards the window. I looked down the street looking for the tall boy but the only thing I saw was a large black wolf running into the forest.

*Authors Note*

Sorry for not updating in seriously like forever! Ive been so busy with school and work. I haven't had time to really sit down and write. I really will try and update more but I'm still busy. Anyways I love you all! Thanks for reading this, I know I'm not the best writters so I love to hear it when you guys like my stuff.



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