Accepting the Mark

Max has just moved and she doesn't know anyone, but a group of kids in her grade seem to know her and follow her around the school. She hears howling at night, and Max swears that it's right outside her window. When school starts to get harder and Max gets more stressed, she gets more angry. She's never been a violent teen though. But when the group of kids that follow her around tell her something interesting, will she choose to accept it? Or go on living in the dark?


14. Dinner with wolves

Zac walked me up the sidewalk to his house and opened the door. The smell of steak his me like a wall and I had to hold back the instinct to run into the house. Guess that was another thing that happened since becoming a wolf. Zac led me into the kitchen where his mom, a lady with short black hair, and his dad, a tall man with a scruffy black beard and short hair, where they were. Zac introduced me to his parents and then they sat down to eat. 

"So Max tell us about yourself," his mom asked me before starting to eat.

"Well I'm not sure what you want me to tell you," I said. "I'm not a very interesting person."

"That's a lie," Zac said as he took a bite of his food and edged my knee with his.

"Well why did you move here?" Zac's dad asked. I felt a pit in my stomach. I didn't really like talking about that.

"I was adopted by the Frosts," I said trying to avoid talking about the orphanage.

"Oh how nice," Zac's mom said. "What happened to your birth parents?"

"Mom that's none of your business," Zac growled. His mom shot him an offended look.

"Now Zachary, your not pack leader yet. We're still in charge of the pack so it is our business to know about our pack," his dad warned. "Now Max, what happened?"

"I don't know, I grew up in the orphanage since as long as I can remember. And the orphanage mom wouldn't talk about our birth parents," I said. "So as far as I know they just left me on the doorstep when I was a baby," I said as I took a bite of my food hoping to avoid further questioning.

"And you never knew you were a wolf or destined to be a pack leader?" his mom asked. I really wished they would stop asking questions.

"No," I simply said. I looked over at Zac. His face was red like he was embarrassed. He looked over at me and noticed I was done with my food, and also probably my pained expression.

"Well Max and I are done, so I'm gonna walk her home," Zac announced before his parents could interrogate me more. He stood up and helped me up. We said goodbye and headed strait for the door. "Sorry about that," Zac said.

"Its ok," I said as I felt my cheeks turn red as his arm brushed mine. I was glad it was dark and he couldn't see that. We walked down the street in silence. The only sound we made was our footsteps hitting the pavement. Soon we reached my house and I walked slowly up the front walkway. We stopped at the door and I smiled at Zac. "Thanks for walking me home, and thank your parents for dinner," I said. Zac smiled as he brushed his long black hair out of his face.

"No problem," he said. I started to open the front door when he grabbed my hand. "Do you want to go out tomorrow?" he quickly asked as he let go of my hand.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Like just us or with the pack?" I asked.

"I was thinking just us," he said as he looked down like he was guilty.

"I would love to," I said. Zac looked at me with a grin.

"Really?" he asked in disbelief. "I'll pick you up at 5:00 then," he said. I smiled and walked inside.

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