Trapped away from you ( larry stylingson fan fic.)

Harry has loved Louis forever , he was going to tell him but then... Ell announced that they where dating!eleanour was all he ever talked about . it hurt harry .. a lot what ever happens well... your gonna have to read that! and btw I have nothing against eleanour. BUT... I believe larry is real tho.


4. yim just going to bed..


harry hasn't talked to me ever since I had left. I look over to see harry staring at me with disappointment in his eyes;"im just going to bed" .  he said that as he turned I saw that tear escaped  his eye, but that tear said a lot more then what it looked like when he was fully up the stairs I followed . I walked up into his room and stood in the doorway. He looked at me and pulled the covers over his head. That actually really disappointed me. I could hear faint sobs from harry .  he pulled the covers down so that I could see him , " what do you want ..?" I froze " to know why you are hiding like a little kid under the covers" I said and as soon as I said that he started to cry even harder than before. I got up pulled the covers up and layed with him and stroked his hair. he stayed in that position , he looked so comfortable , so .. cute. Then I realized that I was soon to propose to Eleanour! "SHIT CARROTS!" harry looked up , " did you just say shit carrots ?" he said chuckling at his last words I got up stormed to my room and looked under the bed and found the ring open.



Louis left in a hurry leaving me hopelessly in my lonely room. I started to cry " I always screw things up" I was in a melancholy mood for anything. Louis got back and looked like he was sad , but more like he was terrified at something; I ignored him the rest of the night. He just stood there for a while looking down and finally left



I went to give that ring back to the jeweler , She was there. I couldn't marry her . It just felt wrong. She read it and looked broken. that's when she gave the scariest brake up ever. I know harry still has feelings for me , I think? maybe that's why he was so upset earlier,.. has to be. I stood there in the door way upset about eleanour but curious about harry . He ignored me so I went to watch some t.v. that's when harry came down and sat really close next to me. I got butterflies in my stomach . Weird feeling because I never felt like that with el. harry looked at me " sorry for today, don't know what happened" I can tell he was lieing. " I know you saw the ring harry , I took it back today and el happened to be there , " I was trying so hard not to laugh " and she went full badonckas on me and everyone got scared of her " harry chuckled . his eyes brightend up a bit. And he smiled . Then I realized that he was only in boxers. I looked at him and my stomach did some famous flips and I twitched causing harry to look over at me "what?" he asked curiosly .. " I HONESTLY  don't know anymore " he laughed and looked at his hands and played thumb war with himself . crap.. I like harry , and the sad thing is , is that im not gay ... or am I??

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