Trapped away from you ( larry stylingson fan fic.)

Harry has loved Louis forever , he was going to tell him but then... Ell announced that they where dating!eleanour was all he ever talked about . it hurt harry .. a lot what ever happens well... your gonna have to read that! and btw I have nothing against eleanour. BUT... I believe larry is real tho.



Harry POV

'Im going to tell him!" I mubble to myself. Ive loved Louis for the 2 years ive known him. it all started when we where at math camp. he ran into me and then we met again in X factor and Became 'ONE DIRECTION' with niall liam Louis zany and of course me. Suddenly the door slammed open! " IVE GOT GREAT NEWS!!!!!" he seemed Farley excited? Is this good? Louis never gets this excited .."what is it mate and quit some zayns on the phone with simon.." liam said sounding very annoyed." IM DATING ELEANOUR!!!!!" my heart shattered into a million pieces . The only one who new I was gay in the band was liam.. and out of the band is ed. Liam looked over to me got up and sat next to me and started to text someone. I got very angry but hid my emotions well. I was going to scream and cry and run away for ever. Louis left after he realized we weren't paying attention. I got a text from liam . (LOL THAT WOULD BE ME TEXTING SOMEONE WHEN THERE NEXT TO ME:P)

"are you okay harry:/ I would've said something but I don't know if he knows or anyone else~liam"

I look directly towards him."no" I said shakely . I run I couldn't take it anymore I went over to mine and Louis's flat or well .. small apartment and went into my room and screamed so loud I had people knocking on the door . I started to sob and sob. I cant.i got up and realized a scared Louis standing there the whole time. his face expression I never wanted to see again."w-whats wrong harry?you never scream like that."his voice so shaky ." I don't know anymore Louis".Louis bent down next to me and look directly into my eyes I wanted to tell him that I loved him for 2 years but I couldn't I just couldn't." are u sure your okay?"



I herd screaming coming from the bathroom I was pretty freaked out there was knocking but I ignored it and followed the screaming . it led me to the bathroom . I found a hurt harry . it scraed me . A_L_O_T. ive never seen him like this . "w-Whats wrong harry? you never scream like that' it took him a minute to reply but he did. " I don't know any more Louis." I bent next to him looked into his eyes. GOD HE HAD BESUTIFUL EMERALD EYES! what am I saying?? I gnored myself. "are you sure that you are okay?" he started to sob even harder. I wrapped him into an awkward hug and stayed like that for 30 minutes intill I pulled away . harry was asleep. "aww your sooo cute when u sleep!" I whisper and then realized what I had said . do I like harry? no no I cant I have el . im not gay ! I hope this is a phase. ORR.. " NO IM NOT GAY!!" STOP" I screamed and ran out the bathroom not remembering harry was asleep



"NO IM NOT GAY!!STOP!" Louis screamed and let . this broke  me even more than it already had I walk out into the living room but stop when I here Louis I take a step back but I can here him say something "I cant love harry!i have el. im not gay . I cant be.what am I saying ive loved harry since day one, I cant take it . I just want to die ." I step out with joy but .. kinda hurt to. Louis looks at me blushing. hes adorable when he blushes. " how long have you been here?" .."long enough to hear it all." Louis walkes up to me I kinda hesitate though. " harry I.-" I cut him off and kissed him passionetly but ..he didn't. he just sorta ran away leaving me to die on the inside ive stood in the same spot for 30 minutes and eventually went to the couch where I put my hands ob my head and cryed until the door flung open to Louis and eleanour " CANT YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE WITH EL" he growled I left looking back . I made the biggest mistake was freezing and I was on eds street . so I went to Eds cold and crying my eyes out.



I was watching a series of family guy when harry stormed in with goose bumps and crying with everything he had . "What happened to you?' I aked walking over to harry giving him a hug. " l-l-l-ouis" I froze realizing something horrid happen to him. I know how much he loves Louis."can u tell me what happened" he sat down looking at his feet and he told me everything. I was shocked . even when he herd Louis saying he loved harry Louis still reacted like .. that? I walked into the kitchen and got harry some tea.



"CANT YOU JUST LEAVE ME ALONE WITH EL" I growled  I don't think harry excpected that he did what I said. he left but when he got to the door he looked back with the most hurt eyes ive ever seen before. I looked at el realizing I hurt harrys feelings above the beyond. " WHAT WAS THAT FOR?!" she look Farley pissed that I hurt harry and she new it. she didn't know what happened before."what have I done" I mumble "WHAT ?" she started to calm down. " sorry I just am angry that he didn't so the dishes and I had to do them earlier" I lied




Its been a year since that insadent and harry blames that he was drunk and didn't remember what happend

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