Trapped away from you ( larry stylingson fan fic.)

Harry has loved Louis forever , he was going to tell him but then... Ell announced that they where dating!eleanour was all he ever talked about . it hurt harry .. a lot what ever happens well... your gonna have to read that! and btw I have nothing against eleanour. BUT... I believe larry is real tho.


3. louis can you help me ?

Harry pov

"Louis can you help me?" I asked lou waiting for an reply. I was wrapping Christmas presants . This one was for Gemma. " sure haz what do you need help with?" I looked at the take wrapped horribly around the present."everything" "haha hazz where did u learn to wrap??" I froze "you" I laughed so hard because the truth is .. it was Louis who taught me to wrap! Once we where done wrapping the present Louis left to go buy eleanour something "special" . Thhat hurt. Sooo I decicded to do a twitcam with some fans . " What you have there in you hand hazza?" I read. "oh this is just gemmas present.look its even got a bow on it and everything!" after about two hours  I stopped wtwitcam and left to my room . I looked under the bed for my blanket when I saw a small box under it. I grabbed it . it said "for my love, El" I was shocked because didn't he say he was going to get her a special present ? I opened it to find a amazayn ring . My heart Shattered into a  million pieces


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