Trapped away from you ( larry stylingson fan fic.)

Harry has loved Louis forever , he was going to tell him but then... Ell announced that they where dating!eleanour was all he ever talked about . it hurt harry .. a lot what ever happens well... your gonna have to read that! and btw I have nothing against eleanour. BUT... I believe larry is real tho.


6. its okay

harry pov

and earthquake started and it was scaring me because Louis had never been in one and we weren't quit sure what to do

I guess it wasn't back because as soon as I went to say "Louis" it emediatly stopped ... weird I looked at Louis he said something "what was that boo?"\

"I love you more harry"  shocked me but I went to give him a hug and apparently he didn't want just a hug .. I felt soft plush lips planted gently on mine , he licked my bottom lip for enterance , that is what he got. Louis pulled back. disappointing me a little bit "sorry " he mumbled



I have no idea what went over me I am not gay or bi. or I didn't think I was anyways but harry makes me feel so much more different than eleanour ever did and I think it will always be that way . my phone started vibrating LIAM? I haven't seen him in like 6 years I pick up and excuse myself from harry , "hello?" I say awkwardly "LOUIS GUESSS WHHHATAT!?" he apparently was excited by the way he said that " HMM?? I dunno and how do u have my number?" .. Louis " he said "you never have changed your number and I knew u never would haha" harry laughs at that I forgot I had it on speaker phone "whos that?" liam asked confused .. he heard harry "harry... my boyfriend." I look over to harry with the most sparkaling eyes ever! " erm .. okay.. so I was sayinnnngggg im in town can I stay the night at ur place for a bit with the rest of the lads ?? you know to do what lads do what laddie lads do ?" harry started cracking up I didn't find it that funny but his reaction to it made me laugh I turn to harry "is it okay with u hazza?" ..HMMM" YES I NEED TO MEET THIS LADDIE LAD DUDE AND HIS FRIENDS!" he said in excitement . cute. "yeah sure liam" great" then the call had ended


"know back to that kiss...."

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