Trapped away from you ( larry stylingson fan fic.)

Harry has loved Louis forever , he was going to tell him but then... Ell announced that they where dating!eleanour was all he ever talked about . it hurt harry .. a lot what ever happens well... your gonna have to read that! and btw I have nothing against eleanour. BUT... I believe larry is real tho.


2. i was just drunk...


I still blame that incident on myself being drunk and I know Louis new that is was a lie.but he still goes along with it I feel horrid  when they get to the popa they take pictures and they look genuinely happy. it brakes me " harry .. sorry but can u stand out of my and els shot?" I walk away and cry everytime. WHEN WILL IT END? im always trapped from my thoughts . forced to be straight. im always TRAPPED AWAY FROM YOU.


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