Heeeey Guurls :) I'm Daniela and this is my first 'proyect' on movellas.t's 1D imagines. For doing it I'm gonna need comments with your name and some characteristcs like hair and eyes color and something else if you wants, also the boy you want to be with (If you want with another boy apart from 1D I'll take requests they could be Justin or Ed Sheeran,etc).I'm sorry I don't think I will be start by doing dirty ones, cuz I'm not really good at talking dirty or narrating (ha-ha) but maybe later on. I have wrote fanfics but I never finish them cuz I get bored or I don't know, so I wanted to started here by doing imagines since their are shorters I plan to do a novel in the future.
PS: I'm latin but somehow I like better to write in english I feel that th words come out easily and if there are some mistakes with my gramar or spelling, I'm really sorry. Si alquien quiere me puede pedir y le hare uno en español solo pidan :)


2. Ice skating

Imagine for Jasmine hope you like it :)



I was on my living room couch watching a little TV to distract myself, I were so nervous Today was my first date with Liam. Yes, with The Liam Payne. It's amazing how this happend one week earlier I went to a 1D concert and I was so lucky beacuse I had meet & greet. Then out of nowhere Liam asked if he could have a picture with me. HE ASKED, I was fangirling but I tried to cover it up, he then asked me my name and my number and save it with the picture. The day after he called me asking me for a date. I couldn't believe how lucky I was.



Oh God all I can think of Is Jasmine's pretty face, she is so beautiful. I still don't know how I got the courage to ask her her name right in the middle of meet & greet, I had wanted to asked to other girls before but I never had the guts cuz I'm a little shy. But with her I didn't even think it I just.. I don't know it was instinct and I'm so glad I asked because today we are having our first date.


Hey Liam- Jasmine says as opening the door

Hey babe!- he said as kissing you gently on the cheeck- Ready to leave?

you got your purse and get out, he took you ice skating

-  I've done this a couple of times with the lads, but I'm not really good at it, but I though it might be fun

-Of course, I tried too. But I'm not good- you said laughing

- Ha- ha I was hoping you'll be good at this, so you could help me- Liam said laughing even harder- But I guess we can learn together

First there was an instructor that helped you and teach you the basics, then he went

- Okey so let's do this- Liam yelled

He interwined your hands and started skating really slow

- So I think we got it. Wanna do it faster?- Jasmine asked with excitement

You guys started to go faster and faster and you were laughing still holding hands and then you fall on top of him

- OMG! are u okey? I'm so sorry- You said laughing

-Hahahaha stop laughing you naughty it's too son to be on top of me Jasmine!- he yelled the last part

Everyone stared at you, little children, older people, teens, Everyone. You immediately started to blush.

Liam was laughing so hard and you start laughing too,you tried to get up but he didn't let you

-Geez! Liam let me go. I know you like this position but it's our first date- You said yelling on purpose taking revenge

You both burst in to laught and blush while everyone stared at you

- Okey baby we should go now- He said when both of you were up

He took you to a Starbucks and you order hot drinks and he hold your hand the entire time

-Have I told you I love your hair?- liam asked

- No, but thanks. Yours isn't bad

- haha and that you looked amazingly cute and adorable when you blush?- he said and you couldn't help but to blush at his comment

-I had a wonderfull time today- liam said

-Me too it was so funny. You are so funny and.. adorable

- Jasmine- he said in a serious tone looking right in your brown eyes- I have a wonderful time and you are so funny and easy-going and beautiful. You didn't treat me like Liam from 1D even know you are a fan. I think this is going great and I would love a second date with you and many more- when he stopped talking he looked at your pink lips and kissed you.


Well Hi jasmine :) hope you like it :) Please comment. Sorry if there are gramar errors btw


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