Thought you forgot

So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


13. The Drive

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Harry's P.O.V



I'm taking Ade to my favourite place in the whole World. Back to my home town, Cheshire. Cheshire is where I've spend so many years of my life and it's really important for me that she'll like where I come from. I want her to see the real Harry and how I am with my family and when it all turns out as planned then I am 100% sure that this girl is the one for me.


Never has a girl wanted to meet my family or go with me to Cheshire they never really liked it there and no one wanted to understand why I wanted them to like it. This weekend is just about meeting my family having a romantic picnic at my secret place and finding out if this is really meant to be.



I already told Niall about my plan and he told Jennifer that she should pack a few things for Adrianna maybe some sweats, jeans and stuff like that. It's time to go and get Ade so I just take my bag and leave the house. Mum and Gemma also know that we are coming and they are excited to meet my new girl 'cause apparently I'am just bringing 'skanks' home. But I won't try and tell them otherwise this time 'cause if they have too many high hopes then they'll have too many high disappointments that's if they don't like her.



It's time for me to go now, so I get my bag and leave. The drive doesn't take too long 'cause she lives near by me. I knock on her door and a very happy looking Ade opens the door. I swear her smile is like magic and the way her eyes sparkle is melting my heart. I give her a short but passionate kiss and take the bag Jenny prepared for her. ' Harry what's the bag for? Where are we going?' she asks me ' Because we're going for a little ride and I'm not going to tell you where. Maybe later but first lets prepare ourselves and buy some food' ' YEAH ! Let's get some fooood. I'm hungry again! I really eat too much but who cares'



thats a thing I love about her. So carefree I wish I could be like that, not caring about stuff but I always have to be careful 'cause I've got no privacy.. F* paparazzi. Sometimes I wish that I didn't audition for the X factor, see that's why Cheshire is so Important to me. I never want to forget where I come from because that is the only thing I've left from my normal life as a normal boy.




2 hours later


'Harry when are we there we are driving for 2 hours where are you taking me ? OMG ARE YOU KIDNAPPING ME ?? ' She started getting nervous and scared but gosh that was so adorable.



'Babe calm down, no I'm not. I'm taking you to my home town, we're going to see my family and spend the weekend there. I want you to see where I come from'



'What ! Oh no what if they don't like me Harry ! I bet they won't like me and they'll think that I'm not good enough and – '



'No, no, no they're not like that babe. They will love you and they already know that you are coming just be yourself and nothing can go wrong babe I love you and they will too! '

FUCK ! Did I just say the L word... that was the first time I said it. Why am I the first to say it man I'm so stupid what if she's scared now. She's looking at me with a shocked face, but it's fading away and turns into a smile ' I love you too Harry '

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