Thought you forgot

So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


6. Sister :')

Zayn's P.O.V


She opened the door and fell to ground. Oh God what am I supposed to do now ? I have to wake her up! I have to get help! * I opened the door and screamed as loud as I could *


Zayn – HELP ! SOMEONE HERE ? HEEEELP ! *Then I saw the boys coming on the end of the hallway. Guess the concert was finished *


Zayn – GUYS ! Hurry ! Ade – My friend she passed out!


Ade's P.O.V I heard voices around me but I couldn't tell who's voice it was. I slowly opened my eyes, I was in a dressing room and found Jenny and 4 boys around me. It was One Direction but where was Zayn ? I searched the room for him but he wasn't there. I just wanted to give him the letter, nothing more.


Louis – Guys she's awake !


Ade – Aah please don't scream my head hurts


Louis – sorry, love Harry – What happened! Zayn said you fainted!


Ade – Yea, I did. I'm sorry but I don't want to talk about it. Erm Jenny where is the letter ?


Jenny – I already gave him the letter. He's in the bathroom, reading it right now.


Ade – Oh. Okay. Can we go before he comes out?


Jenny – sure babe. Harry – C'mon I'll help you get up


Ade – No it's fine, thanks.. really .. I heard a door open but didn't want to turn around.


Zayn – Ade! Stop! I'm sorry. I was an ass. At first I just forgot and - * His voice was weak and you could hear that he was crying. I interrupted him*


Ade – YES ! YOU FORGOT! * I turned my face to him * You forgot me ! And that is the problem Zayn! How could you !


Zayn – It’s not like I've never thought about you! When we were finished with the X-Factor I was scared to see you again! We never talked or skyped and I couldn't write you back 'cause I had changed my phone number and I never received any messages! And then I thought that you forgot me already.


Ade – Zayn. A girl, no matter how many times she denies it, she will always remember every detail, every moment, every piece of memories you've left her. And no matter how much she tries to forget, it will always be there. * I was crying hard *


Zayn – Adrianna Erikson you are my best friend you are my sister I could never forget you! And I'm happy you didn't forget me 'cause I want you back in my life!


Ade – But if I wasn't here. What would it be like if I kept hiding ? Then everything would have been just like before, wouldn't it?


Zayn – But you came! And I don't want to think about the past anymore and I don't want to hear any but if's ! I am sorry Ade. Forgive me, please! * I couldn't say no. I missed him and I forgive him. I ran into his arms and we hugged each other tight. - I'll never let you go sister – Zayn whispered in my ear. * ----- Comment and give me feedback pleaseeeeee <3

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