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So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


8. ready set kiss

About the casting.. umm.. well it was... GREAT! We did it! Jenny got the role as Hannah and I got the role as Aria just as we wanted to! On Monday we'll start our first photo shoot for some advertisement. And then we will start filming on thursday, pretty soon but We have to deal with it :) .


Jenny – We have to celebrate this! Let's go to a club! .


Ade – Sorry I can't I have a date .


Jenny– What?! With who? Wy didn't you tell me? * she is more exited then I am * .


Ade – calm down hun. I just hadn't had time to tell you yet. Well I'm going out with Harry * I tell her giggling* .


Jenny – HARRY AS IN HARRY STYLES? Gosh I knew it! You two would be a perfect couple! .


Ade – Yea I don't know, we'll see how it goes- .


Jenny – c'mon don't pretend like you don't want it to work! You've always talked about him and how happy you were when you had met him 2 years ago and how disappointed you were when he didn't call! This is your chance Adrianna and you know he fancies you!


Ade – Okay you're right! I want it to work out and I like him! .


Jenny – I'm always right babe ;D .


I just roll my eyes at her and go for a shower. When I go into my room I see that Jenny must have picket up some clothes for me. She's such a sweetheart. I love her taste in fashion and I think what she choosed is 'nice' enough. I dried my hair and curled it lightly. then I put some make up on this time I could use more make up than usual because it's a special day and I really want to look good. I looked at the clock on my wall and it was 5 so I still had an hour to finish. I sprayed some perfume and packed my small bag. Jenny came into my room and stared at me with wide open eyes. .


Jenny – Wow you look so fuckn beautiful! I'd fuck you! .


Ade – woah what a compliment! Haha thank you Jenny but I don't want to seduce him. . Jenny – you're welcome babe.. you never know. But remember you're not easy to have but also not too hard to get! At first tease him but not too much and - .


Ade – Hey Jenny stop it! * I laughed at her * every time I go on a date you keep telling me the same things! Thank you for being so caring but this time I want to be myself and I won't be to easy or hard to get don't you worry. .


Jenny – Aww I love you. .


Ade – I love you too .


It's almost 6 and Harry could be here any minute. I was getting more and more nervous for this day I checked myself for the last time in front the mirror and heard the door ringing. - Ade, Harry is here - Jenny yelled. Okay let's goo.. . .


Harry's P.O.V . She was standing there on top of the stairs and I couldn't help but smile wide. She looked stunning and I knew that I wouldn't take my eyes off her for the rest of the day. Even if I wanted to I couldn't take my eyes off! She was the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. I want to kiss her so badly right now.. I know that we don't know each other for a long time but It feels like much more. I feel different with her and I know that she definitely is different from other girls.


Ade's P.O.V . He watched me for a while, then I walked down to him. I hope it's not going to be awkward. .


Harry – You look beautiful, love * He said kissing my cheek. I had to control myself but couldn't help blushing* .


Ade – Thank you, you don't look bad yourself ;) * I winked at him now making him blush. What I made HIM blush? * wow Harry did I just made you blush? .


Harry – urm.. yeah .. well I make you blush all the time, so there's no problem with it, right ? .


Ade – * I giggled at his comment 'cause it was true* Yes. Well let's get going, Styles. .


The car ride was nice I asked him how the boys were doing and he asked me about the casting, when I told him that we got the roles he was really happy. He is being so nice, cute and charming. I hate how people judge him without even knowing him! Magazines and TV shows, none of them know the real Harry Styles! They all think he is just some womanizer and that he thinks about nothing but getting laid but that's not him! When we got to a fancy restaurant he held de door open just like a true gentlemen. I won't deny it, I like Harry but what if he doesn't? It's to soon to tell him though. We we're already sitting and a waitress gave us the menu. .


Harry – So do you know what you'll have? .


Ade – Actually, I wont lie to you, I have no Idea what all of this is. * It was a bit embarrassing not to know but I don't want to eat something I don't like and today I promised myself, I won't pretend! * .


Harry – That's too cute * he said laughing at me * tell me your favourite food and I pick something you would definitely like, how does that sound? .


Ade – I'm not really a picky person but I hate fish and don't like mushrooms and I love chicken and spicy food. So do you have something in mind for me? .


Harry – Yes I have, much hungry love? .


Ade – Yes, I like food more then I like people * I said without even thinking. Why the hell did I say that?! Was that really necessary ?! Silly me! * .


Harry – * He laughed again, damn I love his laugh * You sound like Niall. Wait I'll order. . he gave the waitress a short sign and ordered for both of us. Then I got a Text from Zayn. .


From: Zayn Oh look, I can see you! Having fun with Harry? x * a picture from me is attached with the text, I look up at Harry and he asks me if everything is alright and I ask him if he took the picture but he shook his head and said no* .


To: Zayn Where are you? Yes, a lot actually :) xx . I send the message and searched the room for Zayn and then I saw him. But he wasn't alone. He was with some girl I didn't know. Who is she and why is he here with her? She isn't even pretty and looks to old for him. Wait – am I being jealous ?! Why am I jealous? I like Harry right? .


Harry – Ade? Are you okay you look like you've just seen a ghost * He looks at me worried* . Ade – I'm fine Harry thank you. You're cute when you're looking worried .


Harry – Oh really am I ? Thank you, babe. Wow look there is Zayn. I didn't know he had a date. .


Ade – Yea me too * I mumbled * So you don't know her? * I asked him * .


Harry – No I don't. He never said something about a girl he's seeing so we thought he was still single. .


Ade – Oh. Harry, he's coming over * I wish he wasn't. Guess I have to break my promise and pretend that everything is OK. * .


Zayn's P.O.V . Harry and Ade ? Really ? I know they knew each other from the audition 2 and a half years ago but I didn't know that they're dating now. Well maybe it's just a friendly Date. Oh man what am I talking about ?! I have a date myself! Well Katherine isn't as beautiful as Ade and not as funny as her but she is nice and she asked me out so I couldn't say no. I should go over to Harry and Ade and see if they're alright. * Hey guys * I say as I give Harry a man hug and kiss Adrianna's cheek. I can see Katherine glaring at Ade, okay maybe I shouldn't have kissed her cheek but I can't help it she is so beautiful and I know her for such a long time so why would it be a problem for me to kiss her cheek, right? I mean it's normal, isn't it ? I introduced them to each other and saw Katherine and Ade fake smiling to each other. This isn't going to end well... .


Zayn – Well we should go now. You two have fun * but not too much please :/ * .


Harry – Thanks mate, you too. See ya around .


Ade – by * she mumbled just looking at me with the corner of her eyes, I could tell she wasn't happy to see me with Katherine just like I wasn't happy to see her with Harry. * .


Ade's P.O.V . I didn't want to look at him. I felt sad at the thought that he's got a date. This is so wrong! I shouldn't be feeling that way! I have to get him out of my mind for now. I'm on my date with Harry and I like him. Every other girl would love to take my place, and I am thinking about Zayn? Harry deserves better so I'll try to just focus on him. There comes our food. Do you know the moment of joy when you're sitting in a restaurant and see your food coming? This was definitely one of those moments. .


Ade – This looks delicious .


Harry – It is delicious! But not as delicious as what I cook. .


Ade – What ? You cook ? * I laughed a bit shocked because I don't know any guy that actually cooks * .


Harry – Yes I cook, what's so funny 'bout that. Don't laugh * He said as he just made me laugh more * .


Ade – Prove it! .


Harry – I will! How about tomorrow? We could go grocery shopping and then we'll go to mine and Louis's house and cook. We can invite everyone. I mean The boys and Jenny and Eleanor would be there too, you haven't met her yet have you ? .


Ade – No I haven't. That sounds good. I'll write you 'bout it okay? .


Harry – Sure, love .. It'll be fun . After finishing our food we went for ice cream. Aftewards we went to a park while our Ice cream. It was already dark outside but the street lamps were all on. He put his arm around my shoulders and we talked a lot and laughed a lot. It was a very romantic night. Then we sat on a bench and played 20 questions. .


Ade – lets play a game. You ask me a question and then I ask you one and it goes on like that. But we have to tell each other the truth .


Harry – let's start then .


Ade – How was your night? * I asked him expecting cute words from him but ...* .


Harry – AWFUL! This girl I was out with, she never stopped talking! I mea- * I knew he was only joking and trying to tease me * .


Ade – What?! It couldn't be that bad! * I glared at him trying to look mad but ended up laughing * .


Harry – No it wasn't bad! I was just kidding. It was wonderful! She is beautiful and funny too. I liked it. . *


He was leaning in and I couldn't resist. We came closer, he took my face in his hands and I moved my arms around his neck. Our foreheads touching now. I feel his sweet breath against my lips. I want to kiss him NOW! And we kiss. It's a very sweet kiss but it turns into a very passionate kiss. Then we hear a flashing camera. We look up and see a pap taking pictures of us. Then Harry takes me by my hand and we start running. Finally we shaked off the pap, we were in an narrow alley and harry pushed me against a wall holding my mouth with his hand. Then he looks down at me and says .


Harry – Now it's my time to ask right? .


Ade – Yes, ask .


Harry – Would you mind if I kept kissing you until the sun rises? .


Ade – You didn't ask for my permission the last time you kissed me so why are you asking now? * I said as I pulled him closer for a long passionate kiss guess what I felt for Zayn was nothing *

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