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So back in High School I was best friends with Zayn Malik. I was there when he auditioned for the X-Factor and there I had met Harry the cutest guy ever. We exchanged numbers but He never called me. Neither did Zayn. Guess that's what fame does to you. It hit me hard that Zayn never called or texted because he was my best friend.

2 years later I'm still broken. But my best friend Jenny helps me with it. When I can finally tell Zayn and Harry how I felt about the situation everything changed.. I was able to be happy again.

- Adrianna Erikson.


10. hot.

Hey <3 I need to know what you think about this fanfic so leave your comments below <3 AND the reason why my chapters have no longer paragraphs is becaause: I HAVE NO FREAKIN IDEA. I post it all nice and then suddenly it's all gone and a MESS . Sorry for that x here the chapter --->

We were at home now cooking joking around stealing some kisses in between. I've realized that I've been really happy with Harry. He could be my one and only but only if I forget about those fantasies about Zayn but I just can't seem to let it go. *RIIIIING* The door was interrupting my thoughts and when I was about to go open it harry beat me to the door and opened it first.


Harry – heyy come in we we're almost finished cooking and stuff

Ade – Heyy guys welcome * I said hugging each of them zayn was the last and our hug lasted a bit longer than the others, I guess it's because we know each other more than the others. When I let go of him Harry shot him a few glares urgh I really don't want this to become awkward*

Zayn – you look beautiful Ade

Ade – Thank you Zayn you look quite handsome too * I said a bit quite so that Harry doesn't hear it but as I see his face I can tell he did hear it and he does not like it.*

Harry – Why didn't you bring your girlfriend Zayn? What was her name again? Katelyn ? *Harry said while putting his arm around my waist showing everyone that I'm his and obviously trying to remind zayn that he's someone else to*

Zayn – Katherine and she's not my girlfriend we were on a date but it wasn't that nice I have no feelings for her in that way. Harry just nodded not pleased with Zayn's answer. But I was really pleased, I have no Idea why Katherine bothered me so much but I'm happy that they are not together so I give Zayn a shy smile and he smiles back at me.


Later that night we finished Dinner hat nice chats and it wasn't awkward at all. Even with Harry and Zayn was everything good and when the night was over I felt so relieved. We had a successful night and no awkward conversations.

Harry was sleeping over again and we needed to shower so I let him go in first while he was showering I took all my clothes of and wore my bathrobe. When Harry came out in only a towel I couldn't spot staring at his bare chest, he looked sexy with those abs and tats all over him.


Harry – like what you see eh? I was frozen and blushing furiously I couldn't say anything. He was coming closer to me we were now only inches apart from each other. He leaned in so our lips were slightly brushing against each other * I would love to see what under your bathrobe is babe * he whispered against my lips then kissing me full of passion. What was he doing to be It felt so right. I wrapped my arms around his neck deepening the kiss. He licked my lip asking for entrance which I gladly allowed. His arms found its way around my waist and then a bit further down to my bum and he squeezed it a bit which made me jump. I felt so hot .. It got just more intense and then I pulled away. I didn't think I was ready to have sex with him yet..


Harry – Sorry if I went too far babe

Ade – No worries * note to myself : stop blushing so much * I need to shower now. And then I ran to the bathroom closed the door turned the shower on and let myself sink to the ground letting the water fall. I was thinking about everything what has changed, Harry, Zayn, the other lads and my love life. Was I ready to take the next step ?

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